My biggest gripe with matchmaking

I’ve been getting more and more fed-up with matchmaking, I got to my promotion match in silver, and I was really hoping I could just get to gold, then I face off against a Spinal with a connection so bad it made it pretty much impossible to do anything against him, while he can do whatever he wants, I even had something happen where I hit him, but then It says he blocked the attack, then he goes into a full combo. Of course I lose the match because I really can’t do anything, then I lose 300 POINTS, that’s so dumb, why do you always lose 300 points no matter what, I lose a promotion match in bronze against a Killer ranked with like 5-6 stars, and it sets me back 300 points, it just isn’t even fair, Please make it set you back accordingly, sure you should lose a lot of points if you lose to somebody lower ranked than you, but I shouldn’t lose a ton for taking a loss from somebody with 16 stars.

Yeah the ranked system is a tad broken right now with the online quality being soo poor. Rank is just a cosmetic thing really… If it means a lot to you, you’ll work for it. If not, just play for fun. I know I’m killer rank already, but I sat in Silver because I got screwed on my qualifier matches. I’ll get Killer Eventually since the only match that really loses you points is the promotional match. Promo matches should have an option though where you can say yes or no to your opponent and also have a ping icon. Getting craptastic matches forced upon you isn’t fun for anyone.