My attempt re-designing Kim Wu and Others

Hi, I tried and clearly need some more work. Therefore, sorry as I am just a beginner.
But here is my attempt at re-designing Kim Wu, a very very rough sketch:

Edit #2 Random characters: a new Vampire character art plus Kan Ra alternative costume “tease”.

Kan “Raoh” alt

Edit #1 “Alternate costume Kim Wu”

Original idea/attempt (resized).

Do leave your comments!

** I feel ashamed…* *


I really like whatever technique you used to draw (or paint?) that, it looks super cool! Definitely nothing to be ashamed of :yum:

Better than I could do.

Very nice. Not bad at all too :smile:

Thanks for the feedback. I always wonder how others see a pic. Looked very Kitana like indeed. @Sheptastic0312
But I wanted to give her the Wu Chinese character on her face mask. Anyway, here you go, without mask but an even more pathetic attempt as I’ve drawn up just half of a face.

Thanks, I rushed it. My bad. Without the mask, I think she now looks like that video game girl that jumps off buildings (no that’s not what I am saying)…mirror’s edge? not intentional anyway.

And for those who want to know, this is the model I used:


I like your colors. :slight_smile:

The girl from Mirror’s Edge is named “Faith,” and actually that’s the first thing I thought too when I saw the picture without her mask, before I even read your comment. But again, the art is perfectly fine. It has a particular style and you are communicating what you want the character to look like.

And I like you comment :smile:

I actually used orange but it was too much Joanna Dark. Wait! that’s not right, you can never have too much Joanna Dark, now can you?

Thanks, next time I will take my time and make a full body sketch with weapon, different hair style. So feel free to come back to take a peek.

These pictures kinda reminds of those fashion book sketches. :sunglasses: I love it!

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because that’s exactly what it is! I luv it too :slight_smile:

@adymunrox I am using something called Copic markers. Very popular around the world and used a lot by students (like myself once upon a time, a very long time ago=) for fashion design.

I didn’t even notice the Kanji hidden in the mask the first time. That’s pretty cool. I do like the maskless version though. I think that with the same face and maybe longer hair then your on to something.


There’s nothing wrong with unleashing imagination :slight_smile: so dw about it. Overall I think ya got a good style happening there.

Oh so that’s why it seemed familiar! A bunch of my art major friends use those haha thanks!

This time an “alternative” costume Kim Wu :smile:
Again a very rough sketch, not cleaned up or anything.


By any chance is she wearing shades/sunglasses in your latest drawing on her? :confused:

haha, yes. I figured if she pretends to be a movie star then she needs sun glasses. LoL
I’ll change that in a better sketch I am working on, though.

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Hi back with another sketch of her alternate “Bruce Lee” costume. Simply based on the previous Bruce inspired sketch but without the sunglasses:

  • Bruce Lee haircut!
  • Kim Wu style jumpsuit!!
  • Nunchuks that breathe dragons!!! (did I just say dragon breath?)

Also I resized some of the earlier pics and added the main ones to my original post.


Is it weird that with her hair like that she reminds me of Ziggy Stardust? :sweat_smile:
Either way, looks really neat! I’d like it as an alternate outfit for sure!

I like your art style a lot!

@adymunrox :smile: @LittleHellXIII Thanks!

Sorry, I am simply using some pencils, markers and dirty paper, and a cellphone to take pictures, lol.

Once I have my (old) tools I will make better stuff. Better shading, and the following after reading all the requests:

  • thicker legs
  • a main costume redesign
  • longer hair
  • a more gentler Kim (mine doesn’t seem very approachable lol)
  • better action pose

But my work will never match @RTA07 these Kim Wu designs are way out of my league.

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