My Arbiter Reaction Video

Sadly I didn’t record a live reaction. BUT after the tease dropped, I lost my mind. Here are my ramblings from 10 minutes after the tease! (Also, when the Arbiter sub-forum goes live, can I have this moved? Thanks.)


The arbiter wa smy favorite in Halo. Glad ehe made it.

Fine Bros might take it down. Watch out lol


I don’t get it…

Fine Bros have been taking down reaction videos recently and it’s been a big controversy. Just a joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

Finebros lost so many subs lol.

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You’ll understand…

I saw this teaser for the first time at H5’s X Games event. Blew my mind. Made KI the greatest fighting game ever made in my opinion. I won’t even go back to MKX to see Leatherface probably. I probably won’t even look at SFV. I hope I can get decent with him.

A Spartan costume for Fulgore?

RGL, now that you’ve watched the Halo tease from Iron Galaxy, do you feel like you won KI world cup? Sounded a little emotional at the end.

The dream is alive…

We all won the KIWC. We got amazing characters and taunts! xD

Kermit can smile again!

Yeah, they were telling me about a third alt. costume for Rash, apparently Kermit is gonna be playable…


I know the idea would be cancer to many of the old guard KI fans, but I’d love to see a Grunt with a fuel rod and a neelder too. Somehow that seems like so much fun in KI to me. I’m so stoked for Arby.