MVCI demo impressions

So now that the demo is FINALLY out for xbox and ps4, how do you guys like it? Do you guys like the graphics, the rehashed characters? What do you guys think of it?

Is it out? I’ve been looking on the PS4 and I can’t find it.

yea it came out at 4am yesterday lol. Go to the e3 section and it will show up

It’s also on Xbox One, played it last night. Not sure I understand some of the new mechanics yet. Wish they had done a little versus mode demo too, because now I’ll have to play the demo to certain points in order to practice with particular characters. It just felt really odd to me though, mostly since your only enemies are a bunch of ultron minion bots and some possessed Asgard soldiers, and one OP boss who apparently takes no damage.

Even the story seems a little boring with some very poorly written dialogue, and I will never get used to Rocket’s voice.

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Ive never understood the hype in this game and why ppl think its better than KI.

I’ve played it through twice and think it’s pretty bad.

Looks bad, plays slow, down down for DP is bad, story is ho hum so far.
Overall not impressed and think it needs a delay to rework the game.

I think the new stuff is cool. The tag mechanic is easy to understand and I like the infinity stones as well as Captain Marvel and Mega Man X. Other than that, nothing stands out any more so than Marvel 3.

Just played it last night and aesthetics aside, it’s pretty solid gameplay wise. So far I’m liking Captain Marvel

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I think the game looks cool not so polished but im trucking that up to them wanting it to be more comic/animated style rather then realistic like injustice 2, and regardless of what people think of the story atleast they gave us one. So in my opinion story mode check fun gameplay check it will be a purchase for me

im gonna be reaally annoyed if the reason we didnt get certain charecters is because they couldnt fit it neatly into their little story mode.

Well, from what I’ve read, this game is more or less just an excuse to advertise the Marvel Cini Universe.

It’s that kind of garbage that kills my hype for games.

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its completly fine to advertise the marvel cinimatic universe. its just like smash where numerous new additions were there to advertise their new games. the problems happen when the roster size needs to legit double in size in order to have both those marvel cinematic charecters as well as classic and new charecters that people want(and no offense but i think to those who liked arthor and firebrand but they could have been left behind with no big difference imo…)

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My boyfriend tried the game and told me they gave it out with some sort of “assist mode” where you just used one button alone to do everything. I said “ok, thanks, not interested” and even didn’t care. Also, the art of some characters looks awful, but nevermind about that. I was hoping to see any of my favourite characters but haven’t seen Gallon, Jedah nor Captain Commando so far, so I wasn’t getting hyped about this game.
Anyway I’ll wait and see how the full version looks and plays like.

apparently you can turn off “assist mode”

Ok, I’ll tell him to check that out, I don’t have a PS4

Wasn’t impressed. Somewhat annoyed about games either having amazing visuals or great mechanics, instead of both. The aesthetics of this game are just an eye sore, so much so that I would much rather play SFV for solid gameplay and KI for unique mechanics, both of which look gorgeous in either visuals or sfx.

I have LG Spirit Y70 H420 smartphone, I hope I can run it.

Anyone notice the main menu music is from Pirates of the Caribbean with a techno beat under it? What’s that about, i know Disney owns marvel but surely they’re not hinting at Jack sparrow as a character?

Honestly if they’re planning on jumping the shark, I’d hope it’ll be Star Wars. (at least there’s some actual history between them.)

My impressions: The tag mechanic works very well, even if it’s not really a replacement for assists. Movement does not feel good, which is a pretty damning thing to say about an MVC game. I deleted the demo though, because I heard the gameplay isn’t the same as the E3 showfloor demo, which is a more recent version of the game. This is a really, really bad demo. It would have been better not to put it out there.