Mutant Year Zero - Tactical turn based action game

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I figured let me post a link to a gameplay vid and make a separate thread for this game…check out the first few minutes to see if you like it. Liike I said, it is basically an XCOM style game but with interesting characters.


Looks interesting! Unfortunately, I just bought Disgaea 2 on Steam, so it looks like my tactical-RPG fix is spoken for right now. :joy:

I’ve seeiously been chasing the Final Fantasy Tactics itch since the first time I played it two decades ago (crap I’m getting old :sweat_smile:) - Disgaea is the first time since then I’ve really felt like something is matching that!

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Is it bad that the only true thing I remember from this game was the Denuvo controversy on the Steam forums? Because a CM over there said some…questionable…things in response to people complaining about the DRM being used.

Other than that it looks decent, but I’m curious if it has any of the issues that plagued XCOM for so long (unfair RNG, game breaking bugs like enemies grabbing units through walls, etc.).

Don’t worry, that fix will wear off in about 500 hours, I would know. But I’m curious if you also played the first Disgaea game, even though it’s gameplay hasn’t aged as well as Disgaea 2 it’s story is considered the best in the entire series.

The only real problem is that the PC port of the first game was the first PC port they ever did, and it shows. It’s still playable though, even on my toaster, but still helps to know how jank it is compared to their later ports.

This game caught my eye several months back during a reveal trailer, and it was one I was definitely looking to check out. Luckily, it’s part of Game Pass, so I actually have it downloaded already. Got a lot on my plate gamewise right now, but maybe I’ll load it up and give it a try soon just to see how it is.

The mutant concepts are pretty cool!

No, this is my first experience with the Disgaea series. I honestly haven’t seen much of 2’s story yet - I found the item world dungeons and have been spending loads of time working my way through those to level stuff up and get transferable abilities. I’ve seen enough that I know I’m not expecting greatness in narrative, but it does have a fun self-awareness about how silly it is that I appreciate.

Do let me know how it is but I think I will get it anyways. Been watching lots of footage and it’s a game right up my alley :slight_smile:

I should be familiar with the source material but my memory is failing me here :confused:

The mutation system where your mutant character gets game- changing abilities that actually matter is actually pretty neat.

I downloaded this last night and started to play for maybe 30-45 minutes last night. Yes, it’s like X-Com I’m that it is a turn based “action point” strategy game. But it’s maybe as similar to X-Com as KI is to DOA.

The biggest differences are in the focus on characters (which doesn’t exist in X-Com) and in the (brilliant in my opinion) decision to forgo the turn based action point system when you are not engaged with enemies. I like X-Com but just moving a squad around to find the enemy is a huge chore in that series. Mutant Year Zero foregoes that mundane menu fest and let’s you wander around like any 3/4 perspective action game. This makes a HUGE difference.

The fact that the levels are not procedurally generated may limit replay ability (or grinding) but it should also make for more interesting encounters if the developers put the kind of effort into designing encounters that they put into the graphics and ambiance. I came away really impressed. Naturally I’m now traveling for a week but I’m interested in making some more progress in this.


Yes, this is a very good decision indeed.
I haven’t bought it yet but I’ve been watching a lot of gameplay vids. Looking forward to spending 30 bucks on this game.
Let me know once you play some more. Really interested in hearing your thoughts again on replayability once you’ve progressed more…

It may sound minor but this is absolutely HUGE in terms of the gameplay and overall feel of the game. They have bits hidden all over the map and if you had to use action point, turn based movement to collect them it would be a nightmare. But as it is, there’s a nice stealth element to moving around which has some real tension. The system also lets them play around with our ability to favorably position your forces prior to engaging the enemy and the developers are making sure you are aware of this from the very first missions. I’m pretty hopeful that there will be interesting missions ahead.

The free movement also gives them a lot more room for the kind of character interactions and dialogue that build story and character in a game. The Last of Us, for example, is probably just a mediocre game without the development between Joel and Ellie that happens while you wander the map. In the case if MYZ this is probably even more important because it’s a bit tough to relate to a pig and a Duck right off the bat.

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Definitely this. I have been enjoying these interactions a lot. I know I shouldn’t be watching gameplay vids or I will spoil the fun but the dialogue is witty, sarcastic and light-hearted at the same time. Seems well written from the bits and pieces of gameplay that I had a chance to see.

And yes, I agree on the impact of aforementioned decision on not limiting free movement outside of battles. It allows for exploration AND character building without the sense of false pressure.