Musical tunes for new characters

Ever since this video:

KI is all about the music! Listening to those tunes lets you get inside a character’s mind.

Jago - Tibetan monk music
Thunder - Indian tribal music
Kim Wu - Traditional Korean & Chinese kung fu hip-hop music
TJ Combo - Street Rap

If you created a new character, what musical tune would you have in your mind in bringing it to life into the Killer Instinct franchise?

India (Bollywood):

Mexico (Mariachi/Caballero):

Spain (Flamenco):

France (Opera):


Egypt (Pharaoh):

(with some Godsmack’s Scorpion King)



Japanese (I know we already got Hisako with her Japanese horror trope. But what about a sequel for KI when they get a new Japanese fighter?):


The first video is alright… the second, NOPE!
There’s a lot more to explore about India than Yoga and Priyanka Chopra, and I really hope if there is such a character to come, he won’t be a Dhalsim-like silly stereotype.
South Indian movie stars, if you’ve ever seen any short clip posted by someone with the a title that basically translates to “hilarious bollywood fight scene”, you’ll know that they are just made to be FG characters.

(That is from a really cheap movie by the way. If you don’t understand Hindi and won’t laugh at the hilariously awful dialogue, skip to about 1:40 where every move is basically a Level 4 Ender)
Another inspiration from South India, the martial art of Kalaripayattu,

This next one may seem like he’s similar to Dhalsim, contrary to what I said. But it kinda isn’t. A more exaggerated version would be awesome and creepy. A witch doctor, sort of.

EDIT: TL;DR I commented on this as a character discussion when it was about music. Sorry about that, possible second edit coming for music fitting to these ideas.

We already got a mummy out of Kan-Ra, despite being Babylonian. A demigod perhaps can join in the ranks.

I mean take a look at Smite’s Egyptian pantheon.

Have you all watched Yu-Gi-Oh! when you were kids?

It’s got that Egyptian vibe all over.

Some Character of KI are already “Two or more characters in one”:

Kan-Ra: Mummy, Sorcerer, Sand-Elemental Character, Wind-Elemental Character, Scorpion
Glacius: Alien, "Cop"
Spinal: Pirate, Skeleton
Sadira: Assassin, Woman-Spider

And Gargos was confirmed to be already some kind of demigod in Omen’s Backstory

im REALLY digging that egyption Metal so anythng to get something like this in K.I im all in for. especially for an anubis type of charecter. tall calm mixture of magic and close combat. black(or bright blue) fire etc.

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There’s always Hindu myths too.

Wait… since India & Indonesia are neighbors… like Kim Wu who is Korean-Chinese and American… perhaps a fighter whose heritage is both Indian and Indonesian join in.

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IDK…I’d rather season 3 finish off the cast for good this time. Unless Eyedol didn’t make it and then we should try and get him in as well.

Has anyone thought about how to bring out characters out with music from the 70s & the 80s?



I can say one thing it would be extraordinary hard to find a charecter that would fit that genre and the dystopian ki universe.

Maybe a juri looking cyborg guy/girl with almost all kicks with neon pink highlights. Their music could be a mix of jazz and disco music. Reminds me of that really tall black guy with really long legs that fought Bruce lee in the tower in I think enter the dragon

Too bad we already got a “Bruce Lee” in the form of Kim Wu.

What about French opera music in something like “Phantom of the Opera”?

doesnt have to have any bruce lee influence though. there are other places to find kick centered martial artists. like the black guy i mentioned that bruce fought…

on the topic of phantom of the opera i had at first wanted mira to be a vampire with that sort of flair but alas…

i suppose if we get an angel he could be a bad guy similar to the phantom.(i read the book and i remember people thought the phantom was an angel because of his voice)

in fact i think it would be cool to have a one winged angel who weilds his other wing as a wind sword hat dresses like the phantom. his style could be skimitar focused with Iado/bushido sword slices imbued with the wind

Where was that fight with that guy in the Bruce Lee film from?

And has anyone else thought of cool music to bring into KI? Cause I feel fresh out.

I mean there’s, Arabia, Mongolia, Africa.

the movie is called Game of Death. he had to beat the boss of each room to proceed to the top to save someone

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Is it this guy?

Anyone else got other music KI can add?

classical music? symphony of a new world is a timeless amazing peice that goes with almost anythng