Musical Omnivores


An interesting read about the mindsets of musical lovers. Feels very transferable in ideology to gamers and how they play different games within a genre, different games across the genres and those that just play the #1 shooter at the time.

Heck, it definitely feels like something that can be refined as we look further into each game and the options it gives, ie,

  1. There are KI players that have their style of character, ie, Zoner or Rushdown or Balanced, and they use all of them within a group.
  2. Players that play everyone to a very proficient degree though they have their mains.
  3. Those that just play a main or 2 and nothing else matters.

Gonna look more into this over Google as Yomi is the most fascinating part of gaming to me.
This certainly falls into mind portion of the game and understanding why my opponent chose what they did and therefore, how they actually will react.

PS: I consider myself an omni :slight_smile: Both of music and of gaming… But inside a game itself, I tend rockstar!
I think the reason I stick to specific likes within a game (usually the balanced or fragile speedster weapons/characters) is because I can move between so many games with high (though not always expert) proficiency to begin with.

I too would like to consider myself an omnivore of sorts, of music, games, and of course food.
In general, though I have favorites, of I like it I will listen to it/play it/stick it in my mouth.
Interesting to see that there’s actually a term for this sort of thing outside of naturalism. Good find, friendo


Hah… if @Fwufikins hadn’t replied to this thread, I was going to tag 'em :smile:

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Wow super cool find! I too would consider myself a music omnivore. I actually play the oboe and my PhD dissertation was in auditory neuroscience. Thanks for the share!


Interesting. I am also a music omnivore. I will give anything a chance. (Country isn’t my cup of tea…but I don’t mind it. It’s more Rap, Techno, Dubstep, Rock, and Classical depending on the mood :wink: ) Thanks for the read!