Out of all of the music in KI what is your favorite and what is your least favorite theme mines is Kim wu cinder and arbiter for my favorite and riptor for my least favorite

Love me some Hinnamatoom (Thunders soundtrack).

Runners up are Omens, Cinders, TJ’s, Aganos and Hisakos themes. And Mira and Tusks are new favorites.

Least favorite is probably Sabrewulfs…

Favorite - Arbiter, Aganos, Gargos (Based on the trailer)

Least - Mira (The vocals kill it for me), Sabrewulf (Not as fun for me as KI2’s theme), Riptor, Jago (Same as Sabre), Glacius (Same as Sabre)

Every song is just fabulous. Perfect for the character they represent.

Least favorite might have to be…

I cant decide.

Riptor, i guess. But her theme is unfinished, so i dont think that is fair.

Spinal, Jago, and Aganos themes are my favourites.

Thunder, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Hisako, ARIA, and Rash’s are my favorite. Note - ARIA and Rash only make it because of the remixed KI theme in them though, I love the classic theme.