Music Not Working

Is anybody else having any background music issues?
For the last week or so, the background music during any match is completely non-existent.

I’ve managed to narrow it down to the following:

  1. Any/all main menus and submenus’ music works.
  2. Character select menu music works.
  3. Pause menu background ambience music works.
  4. Jago’s music (if selected at stage select screen or randomly selected) works, regardless of what stage is selected.

But, any other character, regardless of the stage or theme selected, or mode being played is completely mute.
All sounds effects and announcer quotes work perfectly fine. It’s literally just the music.

Playing on Windows 10 and I’ve had the game since it was launched on Windows 10, and never had an issue like this.

I must say, I’ve not heard of this issue. Hope you get it fixed soon. Also, are you playing on PC or Xbox One?

Great news! Problem solved!!

I eventually decided to reinstall the game. But, wasn’t really keen on re-downloading the 50-odd Gb.

So, I made a backup of the existing KI installation directory (meaning, I simply copied the entire folder to a separate drive).
It seems as though some of the files were corrupted as I got a few error messages stating that the given file cannot be copied due to it being corrupt. Skipped all the files that were corrupt.
Then uninstalled KI from my system.
Went onto the Windows store and essentially started the download procedure over again. After the initial ±20Mb download of checking file sizes etc. It started with a 39Gb download upon which I simply paused the download. Went back to the newly created installation folder and deleted it.
Then copied the backed up folder from earlier back into the WindowsApps folder and resumed the download.
It then proceeded to download only the missing, corrupt files which amounted to just over a Gb.

Once that was done, I started KI up and BAM, everything working great again, like it did before.

Super happy!