Music for the vampire character

Hey guys. Came across this video containing music for the vampire character that never came to be for killer instinct 2 and was wondering if the guys doing the season 3 music are going to do her theme based on the track. Hope you do!


Obviously something like this!

But they better have organ music in it!

So seeing how Kalyton and Tom are addicted to hard rock and heavy metal, we can expect something like this.

I’d love it if they based her theme on this. It’s sophisticated, spooky, powerful…
I heard cello in the teaser, so I think we can expect an orchestral theme. Though I certainly wouldn’t object to some organ music (I’d love it, in fact) and if they do take it in a more Nightwish inspired direction I’d probably give it a thumbs up.

Are you serious? wow that’s interesting.

Orchestral or Ambient

No techno or guitar

pls no ambient. does not fit K.I or fighting games for that matter

I think some techno synths would fit. I think Arbiter theme could be reworked into something more darker and have some kind of vampiric/dracula elements/vibe.

Depends on what you view or even know as ambient.

Contrary to your sole opinion,Glacius theme is Ambient.

Glacius theme is incredible, I wish Mick Gordon was doing the music for Season 3.
I am just not feeling the new music team for this season, Arbiter theme is good however.

The only thing I have is that tusk and arbiter are similar I’m sure Mira and the next will have some variety by default

eh. i class glacius as techno. ambient mimics the sounds of nature and glacius theme has nothing to do with the cold barren wasteland that is his stage

Yes whatever. I hate to turn this into a music education thread.

‘Ambient mimics the sound of nature’ lol

That may be Mira’s theme in the season 3 trailer.

I think thats generic trailer music

Could be.

Or could be Gargos’.

Move it to Mira’s now!

Music sounds awesome

“Addicted” is a strong word. More like they are constrained to use Rock a lot more than on any past project.

I mean Tom did work for Halo and he didn’t even use any Rock on this. Dude is really talented.

I would really want them to explore something more like the original KI games that didn’t need to have a guitar in every single tune.