Music for future characters

Any thoughts for music in KI?

Jago’s sounds monkish and Orchid’s tune sounds pop for example.

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I’d kinda like to see Kim Wu’s music use woodwind instruments and traditional string instruments like a koto or a shamisen. Mix in a deep drum beat that has some techno sounds behind it along with some starts and stops ala Kan Ra’s music. I actually wouldn’t go metal on her song, but it should definitely have a rising and falling beat that ends in a solid crescendo.

For Gargos, he needs something that sounds more epic. Something Wagner-esque, only taken in a darker “orchestra from h-e-l-l” direction. Maybe some low sounding Gregorian chant that gives way to crunching guitars, but with other instruments that give it more of a monstrous, orchestral feel as it builds (though keep the chanting throughout). Definitely stay away from the techno here.

Tusk would be a lot harder to pin down because I don’t know what exactly they plan to do with him.


This sounds so amazing if this happens. :heart_eyes:

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I think tusk and kim wu had the worse themes in KI. Hopefully their themes will be better this time around.

I hope for Kim Wu’s theme…

A mix of k-pop music and Chinese kung fu tunes.

Tusk will have to wait!

Anyways for future characters…

Vampire: Dracula-Castlevania organ music

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I hope Tusk gets a doom/post-rock type theme a la Godspeed you Black Emperor

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I like the music that was used for the teaser at the end of Rash’s trailer, it’d be a waste to not use that in some form.

As for your points about Gargos, I see where you’re coming from. The trick would be to keep it melodic, but still have a balance of the monstrous within that. I think it’d be good to have his original theme in their melodically, even though part of it is already used in Omen’s/Shago’s stage. Come to think of it, it still works as Omen is “The Herald of Gargos”, so having, in a way, 2 itterations of the same theme wouldn’t hurt the game.

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We have new guys on the job now…how wel they’ll do I am not certain. I’m no fond of any of the other stuff they did and I herd Rash’ but technically his theme is merely a remix from another game not related to KI.

I want to see how they do with Kim’s theme and THAT will help decide how I feel about them.

Kim Wu’s theme - A mix of k-hip hop, synthpop and traditional Chinese music.

Tusk - Doom metal mixed with Soulfly’s style of tribal metal.

Gargos - Something like the first minute and 20 seconds of The Industrialist by Fear Factory.

Eyedol - Something slow, ominous and hardhitting like this:

I think Kim Wu will do great. I can see that Celldweller & Atlas Plug are trying hard to keep the consistency of the music helping make the character. I’m really excited for Kim Wu’s as well as Rash’s. Watch. All of us will be so skeptical, then when we hear it, we are all like:


Speaking of rash, check this out:

Would be cool if some of this theme was added to rash’s theme.

What about music for new character ideas?

Tusk’s theme can sound something like this:

Well it depends on what the new characters will be.

If they end up making a Wendigo character, the music should totally be Black Metal.

I wasn’t able to really tell with Rash’s theme. Alot of their other work I herd hasn’t really influenced my confidence or lack of towards them. None of it sounds really promising to me.

I’m still unsure if they’re right for the job or not. Which is why I’m going to let Kim’s theme decide that. Since Unlike Rash, Kim’s a KI character so I’ll be able to pick up much easier on her theme. It will all still be my own opinion though. I’m sure others will will think differently.

I’m just open to that since it’s a new character we’l have no idea what teir design wil be or what their theme will be.

I think blackmetal should be one element about it. It’d be cool if some cultural music mixed in there as a call back and tribute to the mythology that inspired the original character.


That sounds awesome. Black Metal tends to mix well with different folks/cultural influences.

Something like a song from one of the “epic music mix of darkness” for gargos cool (an actual thing on YouTube )

Anyone remember this?