Multiple Ultimates Ultras limit

I think we should be able to do at least a second ultimate in match. But before I move on, can someone explain to me why some characters have the privelige of doing more than two Ultras and some can only do just two? (Please do not use the air juggle or air recapture argument.) I see this as unfair.

Anyway, maybe we can connect a combo ultimate with a stage ultimate, especially against those characters that are undead or can’t really die.

Also, where does ARIA’s body parts disappear to? she’s lucky because she can’t be teabagged.

Ultimates…I don’t see how or why we should need to. Ultras on the other hand…I think they set a limit of the number of times you can do it again based on different elements of the entire final combo as a whole, such as move times & whatnot. Gargos for example started off being able to do 4 Ultras in a row. And with his recapture air grab being able to just hold them there while you decide what to do with it it made for a long ■■■ Ultra. Bottom line is they seem to want to let the victor sytle a bit while at the same time not wasting so much of their opponent’s time that the average player will rage quit every time they see an Ultra starting.

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You can do multiple ultras in a match. It’s mostly character dependent though, as not everyone has the means of connecting more than two ultras. The characters with recaptures can usually get around 3 given they weigh the use of the KV meter correctly, as using a recap adds a big chunk onto the KV meter.

During season 2, with a lot of the changes made to the game that season, people were doing combo vids and world record hit runs for ultra combos. Some characters have the ability to do six ultra combos when used correctly. It’s all about using that character’s specific strengths to string together that many combos.

If you are asking that there should some sort of way to string ultra combos together that go beyond any character’s normal abilities to do so just to go above three ultra combos, I would have to disagree with you, as some ultra combos are long enough. If you want to string ultras together, you are going to have to get creative with your character to figure out how to do this, otherwise, you’ll have to accept that not all characters can do this, but I don’t see how it’s unfair.

Also, depending on what part of the stage you are in, you can link ultras into stage ultras. Stages where you have to be in a corner are easier to link ultra to stage ultra.[quote=“WrathOfFulgore, post:2, topic:21198”]
Ultimates…I don’t see how or why we should need to.

I think he’s saying ultimates when he means ultras.

That’s what I assumed as well, hence why I put that tag about Ultimates at the front of my post. :slight_smile:

I think he’s saying ultimates when he means ultras.