Multiple free characters each week

Can we have multiple free characters each week, similar to DoA?

When the game first launched, 1 free character out of 8 was nice. However, the roster is now 3 times as large and I think you should expand the number of free characters as well; preferably one character from each season.

One of my SF friends was totally looking forward to trying Glacius with the Windows 10 launch… but Glacius was only made free last month!! In that time, I have seen Spinal and Sabrewulf been offered twice. I think offering multiple characters… of different play styles, would help the KI evangelists spread the word.


1 character per Season would be nice.


They’ve kind of helped by making Jago permanently free, meaning there’s 2 free characters at all times.

That said, I think another rotating freebie would be fair (you need 3 characters for Shadow Lords, after all). If they want to balance it out a little, they can make characters rotate every 2 weeks instead of 1. You could even put each of the two freebies on an alternate rotation schedule.


Week 1: Jago, Spinal, Tusk
Week 2: Jago, Maya, Tusk
Week 3: Jago, Maya, Hisako
Week 4: Jago, General RAAM, Hisako

and so on.

I do think that having 3 characters (Jago, Free, ?) available at any given time is a good idea. It not only offers more variety, but also allows people to play shadow lords with a full team of 3 without spending any money.


On starting this topic, I wasn’t thinking about Shadow Lords or Jago being permanently free. I was thinking more along the lines of a person should be able to dabble with the entire cast of KI in 2 months, similar to what had happened at the end of the first season. By the time Glacius was made free-to-play (6 months after the Windows 10 Launch), my friend was miffed that he was only available for a week, and didn’t even bother trying him :disappointed:. Could rotating characters, as suggested by @BobbyTastic, solve this? Possibly.

Whilst Jago being permanently free is a small improvement over the previous patches, I’d prefer that players be able to try 3 characters, along with Jago, in various modes each week. As a compromise, these characters can be excluded from Shadow Lords. I’m sure some would then argue that these characters should be available in Shadow Lords. Management at IG and Microsoft would have to determine the best compromise for this predicament :neutral_face:. I just know that the current rotation schedule/roster sucks, and should to be updated.