Multiplayer fatigue?


Hm. Wonder why everything is still working for me. :thinking:

@KRAKENJIMMY Are you aware of any large issues affecting KI online at present?


Checked again and still not matching.

On the plus side, my 3-year-old’s getting some time in the Practice room


Whenever I can’t find a ranked game, I just back off to menu, go there again and it works. Maybe that will help.


I did that multiple times. I got 4 matches in 2 hours. Anyway, that’s not how the game is supposed to run. Normally, it doesn’t take more than 10/15 seconds to find a match.


I think Xbox live had some issues this morning… I was watching HBO app Game of thrones and the internet just disconnected for a while. Xbox home screen said I wasn’t connected even though my lap top and all other internet devices were working fine. So that tells me it was an XBox live issue.

Also helps to hard reset your Xbox… hold the power button down for 10 seconds on the console. Then once its off, unplug the console for a few minutes. Plug it back in and power the Xbox back on …I also do this with my Internet modem sometimes… everything usually works fine after that.

I did all this about 30 mins ago and im about to go power up and test everything. Ill report back shortly.


I just got back from London so I haven’t been on KI but I’ll forward this to people who can check and see if the service is having issues!


He lives!!! LOL… DJames in the house! So cool you guys are still connected and here to help when needed.
I booted back up and everything is working for me.


OK we’ve got the TechTeam looking into it and I’ll try to update you all if there’s news.


Turns out there was a service problem it’s been resolved. Thx for flagging this everyone!

We also confirmed win 10 & x1 can matchup.

Please respond to this thread & confirm if things are good again.


Everything is back to normal. Thanks a lot, @KRAKENJIMMY.


Had an excellent evening of matches. Thanks for the swift response!