Multi ultras for S3 characters

I managed to pull off a 105 hit double ultra combo with Arbiter against my friend yesterday, and that made me wonder if it’s possible to somehow pull off a triple (or greater) ultra combo with him or anyone else in S3. Has anyone attempted any lengthy combos?

And a side question

How can you pull off triple (or greater) ultras? I only know how to do double ultras with instinct cancels.

Double Ultras are only executable with characters who have access to a recapture move. So you would do the double ultra like normal, then after the final hit when you knock your opponent you recapture them back to the ground and go into another Ultra.

Since Kim Wu and Tusk don’t have recaptures, only Instinct Cancel Ultras are possible for them.

For Arbiter:

  • Ultra 1
  • (Hold Back) Grenade immediately after Ultra 1
  • Follow immediately by d.MP > D, DF + MP > D, DF + 2 Punches
  • Follow Immediately by s.MP > D, DF + MP
  • After grenade explodes, go for D, DF + 2 Punches
  • Ultra 2

For Rash

  • Ultra 1
  • After a second and a half passes, use D, DF + HK
  • Follow immediately with B + HP
  • Wait until you’re out of the animation
  • Follow immediately with D, DF + 2 Punches
  • Ultra 2

Thank you! I’m gonna practice this when I get a chance later.

Thanksfor this info on arby’s extended ultra. I’ll have to try this.