Moves that should visually match their hitboxes/animations better

So I was reminded about how badly some moves didn’t match their hitboxes earlier tonight by this fun little moment:

So how about a thread for making suggestions on what can be done to fix these as well as some odd animation quirks. I don’t play too many characters so these are only the ones I know about.

Tj’s tremors: As you can see above the hitbox is a lot bigger than his attack suggests. They should add wind around his fist so that you get hit by that instead of nothingness.

Sabrewulf shadow eclipse: If you cross him up and get hit behind him you’re awkwardly floating in midair getting hit by nothing before the slash actually reaches you. Maybe have wulf open up with both hands instead of just one in a sort of X motion so that it makes more sense that there is a hitbox behind him.

Kan-ra: The scarabs are weird. If you turn on the hitboxes they match them pretty ok but often times it looks like you’re getting hit by the area around them as opposed to the actual scarabs. Not sure how to fix this one.

Riptor: Her predator HP, the box lingers a bit after the flame has disappeared. You’ll see Riptors go for it on someone’s wake up and it looks like it whiffed and they mistimed up so you press a button and get hit by nothing. Just make the fire last a little longer.

Hisako: The slashes for her rekka appear before she actually attacks making it look like her attack whiffed if you hit her between them. Pretty easy fix just make the slashes match her attack better.

Aria: The hexagons of her overhead appear long before she actually attacks with it. So many times someone will instinct cancel and the hexagons look like they’re hitting them but they’ll still have enough time to interrupt the overhead. Again easy fix.


Coming into this thread, I was worried that you were going to use visual/hitbox mismatches to argue for changes to the hitboxes. Kudos for taking the high road. :slight_smile:

aesthetic talking its awful. Tj’s arm hits before the hit. Weired.

There’s something awkward looking About Maya’s backwards cartwheels. Not on Mayas part, more so on the opponents end where they’re standing firmly upright being magically pulled in an inexplicable fashion. It could use a juggle effect or something. Not quite hitbox related, but yeah.

I personally don’t mind that at all. Its used to try to get the opponent in a more vulnerable position.

Edit: This is in response to @VergoVan

I personally give developers 100% leniency on visual “weirdness”. Mechanics are INFINITELY more important than looks. But I do agree, a few of these can be easily fixed without touching the mechanics of the move.