Most hyped for season 3 story (spoilers)

Season 2 storymode really impressed me esp as the cast dont speak during it (most cant even if they wanted to lol) and it really made a feasable stab at meshing the eccletic and eccentric cast together so new players can understand why a boxer is fighting a cyborg as well as the precense of a dinosaur and ghost etc.

I was especially keen on how it really gave us the cliffhangers for S3 (Arganos now with Thunder, Kan-Ra accidentally reason for Gargos return, Maya forming alliance, foreshadowiing of Shago etc). I actually even see Ultratech as anti-heroes than evil after it… ARIA has a set goal FOR humanity but without humanity she has no morality hence Eagle/Fulgore, theft of Glacius tech, Riptor creation, Sadira execution and Cinder experimention, We after story of S2 know exactly where they are and with whom… well mostly.

Will season 1 cast get revamped story in S3? This was the only negative for me, they were all cameos essentially. Can any new player understand from it Orchids motivations (and connection to Jago) or the long established retro KI plot Eagle=Fulgore twist (if still canon)? and thats Orchid/Fulgore who WERE featured alot in S2 story… new players have no chance with Spinal or Sabrewulf. S1 story boards are too little, too vague and too much effort to fully access IMO.

If S1 cast get revamped story then awesome as there will be 20 odd characters to expand story with and really give new players the full lore. Hoping the guests feature too - not canon impacting of course but there for the odd fight against (Gargos portals can be why weve a Battletoad appearing or Tusk as a true barbarian finding self in a world full of tech. The portals can explain ANY guest really.

Yeah im hyped for the story IG. keep up the good work and a part of me hopes for S3 to finish with even MORE cliffhangers lol.

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I was hoping you checked out the extended backstories of S1 characters that could help give an insight on what’s been going on with them that led up to S2. The backstories are probably just as close as getting a revamped story on the S1 characters. However, I am looking forward to S3.

Yeah im aware of those but is everyone? Newer players was what i was refering to… the game i think doesnt link the completed of those articles anywhere that i saw. GWG should have brought a lot of newer players to KI (ive been on board with KI since reboot - in fact im old enough to remember originals lol so doesnt effect me so much). None the less still think it would be ideal for S3 storymode for the S1 cast.

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I think the Gargos situation should back fire on ultra tech, realising they have awoken a foe that is stronger than they realised. The conclusion of season 3 should be Gargos taking over forcing what’s left of Ultra Tech and the other heroes to form an alliance to take on Gargos in season 4 (assuming they make one). This could lead to Aria bringing Eyedol in to challenge Gargos as a like for like match up. If they don’t bring Eyedol in for season 3 at least there will still be 1 more classic KI fighter to include in the season after 3.