Most fun design or redesign so far or move set wise?

I love the way riptor animates… But feel like hisako was just fun to create… What you guys think

I’d say Kan Ra for design and either Cinder or Fulgore for redesign.

I’m honestly surprised that you would say Kan Ra over Aganos - visually and conceptually I think they’re both good, but the size, composition, walls/chunks etc that are critical to Aganos are so much more unique and important, in my opinion.

Aganos is definitely up there, don’t get me wrong. I love that he can change the boundaries of the stage. I think that’s a very cool, unique mechanic. If OP had said “most unique design,” I’d say Aganos hands down.

But I think that Kan Ra has some uniqueness as well in being a trap grappler, and for me, I just have so much fun using him, more so than Aganos, that he gets my nod.

Honestly, and maybe I’m alone on this, but Kan Ra is one of my favorite character designs, in both appearance and move list, to have come along in the last 10 years of fighting games. Probably longer.