Most complex characters of S3 poll

I agree with that percentage because I think Tusk is the easiest S3 character to learn.

Tusk and Rash are probably in the top 5 easiest characters to learn.

Kilgore imo … Ok look lets just include them among season 3 chars

Really? I struggle with Tusk simply because of how slow he is. I hate waiting for him to finish swinging his sword; it’s yawn-inducing.

We are talking about complexity, not struggling or fun factor.

Tusk its simple compared to the rest, but his instinct it’s more complex than it looks, and allows for some hard to pull off interactions

Although he is not part of s3, Kilgore deserves a place among the most complex characters IMO.

Kan-Ra, Aria, Mira, Gargos and Kilgore are the most complex characters IMO, at least at high level

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