Most complex characters of S3 poll

I thought this was a discussion? You know, on the forums. I guess I should keep my obviously invalid opinion to myself. :rolling_eyes:

Sure it would. Like DK mode and paintball mode fits Goldeneye. Serious games do silly things all the time.

I think your analogy is pretty irrelevant and terrible, but it’s also wrong in terms of the kinds of extra content game devs and musicians put in their products.

This is such a disgusting sentiment. You’re entitled to think what you want within the confines of your own brain, but if your opinion isn’t swaying anyone or standing up to scrutiny then your opinion is not entitled to an ongoing place in public discourse by default.

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Well Dark Souls does have items that replace your head with a treasure chest or increase your breast size, and rocks that explode and say “I’m sorry” in comical distorted voices, a cooking ladle that’s classified as a warhammer, and every other message reading “Try Tongue But Hole”…

But seriously, with no offence intended. If you don’t like Mira, don’t play her. I don’t play Kan-Ra, Cinder, ARIA, Kim-Wu, or Eyedol because I don’t have fun with them. If you don’t like Mira, that’s totally cool. But it’s kinda hard to ask for the changes you want when the thing you dislike is the part that those who play her really love.


It doesn’t matter if my opinion stands up to scrutiny, its a public forum so I’m entitled to say whatever I want as long as its within the rules of the site. If people feel the need to belittle my opinion and disregard my perspective with snarky replies like “Well if you don’t like it, don’t play it” I’m well within my rights to end the conversation regardless of how “disgusting” you think my sentiment is. I was making a point, one that obviously was disagreed with but still it was my opinion and I would think folks would respect it.

I guess I picked the wrong battle, I don’t play Dark Souls and clearly everyone here is going to dog me for feeling as I do because I’m wrong.

The problem is I DO like Mira, I like her a lot. She’s got a costume from one of my favorite games of all time, Fable and its of my favorite character. I WANT to play her but her design is so gross (to me) that it prevents me from enjoying the character and potentially spending money to support the game by buying items for her.

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How is that snarky? :confused:

When I make a long drawn out post about the issue and your reply is a quick “don’t like it” quip its a little rude, if you ask me. Basically disregarding everything I said because had you engaged with the conversation you’d know I do like Mira, a lot and I want to support the game but its not easy for me to do so when the character is designed the way she is.

Sorry if I’ve sounded standoffish but man, I come here to discuss stuff, not be shut down.

Nobody said you can’t post your opinion. You’ve already done that. You proclaiming “I’m entitled to my opinion” therefore is either entirely redundant, or an attempt to score your opinion a free pass in a debate – the latter of which is predominantly what “I’m entitled to my opinion” is used for by people angry about losing ground in an argument.

We get that you are entitled to express yourself. That’s not what the phrase “I’m entitled to my opinion” means. That phrase is the antithesis of informed discussion and a blight upon the modern world, and I advise you to reject it in general, not just here.

I getcha.

I don’t like playing aganos, so I don’t play him. Same goes for hisako. I love both of their character designs to death and I appreciate the mechanics they bring to the table, but I don’t like to play them. That’s just fighting games, man. Not every design is going to appeal to every kind of player.

I posted a short response because I didn’t think it would be necessary to say more. “Play the characters you like and don’t play the ones you don’t like” seems pretty straightforward to me.

I understand. As a Halo fan, I wanted to like Halo 5. But there were certain design decisions that I felt crossed the line, and I haven’t bought it, and I probably never will.
Same goes for why I never bought the multiplayer DLC for Doom. The multiplayer was fun, but it wasn’t something I’d want to spend money on versus a singleplayer expansion.
And don’t get me started about how much it hurts to be a Call of Duty fan right now…

But if people still enjoy those things, I’ll go ahead and let 'em. There’s enough fun stuff in the world that I can survive my own disappointments to let others have their fun.

It was supposed to be how this one crazy mechanic limits her accessibility.

Aganos doesn’t have any crazy features that make him unplayable to most players, its not the play style that is unappealing, its one singular mechanic. I don’t know, I don’t see people playing her often despite how great everyone here is saying she is.

Fulgore had some very unfriendly mechanics and he was adjusted for the sake of accessibility and judging by the poll in this thread others like myself think Mira is a little tough. I’m just saying maybe she should be adjusted, that’s where the discussion was supposed to go.

Well, sorry the discussion isn’t going where you wanted it to (that one WAS snark.) I don’t agree with the idea of making her less unique just because some people aren’t willing or able to learn to work with her mechanics.

I know Keits has repeatedly said that Mira is easily one of if not the best character in the game (on Twitter he put her in his Top 2) so there’s probably a reason she’s difficult to use.
I remember when Kan-Ra first came out everyone was concerned that he was too weak, too hard to use… Then Sleep took Frosty Faustings.

Somebody doesn’t like Aganos!?

GASP :scream:


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Most complex: Mira

Hardest: General RAAM.

I really dig him and find him the best addition (with Mira to season 3). But I don’t understand why a character that isn’t part of another fighting game gets to be one of the least enjoyable archetypes to just pick and play (win). Bringing in new fans and players of other genres, I would have expected a more straightforward and more mobile character like for example Rash. Getting in on your opponent can be quite hard. But his style does fit him well IMO.

If I recall correctly, the devs said Fulgore was asjusted because his gameplay allowed for eternal zoning against some characters(remember angled fullscreen H laser or triple fireball without pips), so they wanted to focus him more into playing the combo system.

It was not a matter of accessibility, it was a matter of degenerative gameplay. Thunder was doomed against him

About Mira, she is very fun to play when you know how to use her, but of course she is hard to! IMO if she would be easier to use (without the blood mechanic) she wouldn’t be so apparent

I get the feeling Raam kind of fell victim (in terms of ease of use) to the devs trying to remain faithful to his roots as a character. Raam in Gears is a bruiser, plain and simple, and the archetype that fits him best is one where he just kind of walks you down, which just happens to correspond with traditional grappler. For what it’s worth, I think they actually made him about as “easy” to win with as can be expected. He actually does very well against “standard” characters - it’s against the nutty “escapers” and uber-zoners that he has issues.

While I think @DEClimax and @Fnrslvr might be coming on a little strong @xCrimsonLegendx, I do agree with their overall point that Mira’s uniqueness is an asset and not something to be shunned. You’re absolutely entitled to your opinion and you have the right not to be belittled for it, but it’s fine to challenge some of your premises. There are a lot of characters in KI that I find very interesting and compelling design and gameplan wise, but whose playstyles I abhor and so leave alone. I love love love Maya’s aesthetic and game design, but due to a torn rotator cuff that I’m avoiding surgery on I can’t actually play her (too many rapid-fire QCF’s required). Sometimes characters just don’t mesh with people, for whatever reason. Sometimes it’s aesthetic, sometimes it’s archetype, sometimes it’s ease of use.

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Tusk 0%


Whilst Mira’s health management is complex I feel as though a newbie Mira player would win against a newbie Gargos player. Hence why I voted Gargos.