Most complex characters of S3 poll

Than that’s the player’s prerogative honestly. Not every character is for every player. And the unforgiving nature of the character is what separated the competent Miras from the non competent.

Generally if a character isn’t getting used there is something wrong with them and the devs can see the statistics and modify them in a way that makes them more popular. Nobody is going to want to buy Mira costumes, accessories and skins if they can’t stand playing the character.

Not unless you were someone who wanted everything anyway. Lol

However an understandbale logic. Though on the backside: if you make the character to easy you push out the people who liked her to begin with.

Not everyone can play cinder honestly but it hasn’t stopped me. infact I enjoy Cinder’s gameplay and rather he not be dumbed down into easy rush down like Wulf and Riptor (which are fun though)

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That’s not always true man. But I can see you have your viewpoint about the character, and it’s valid because you don’t want to play her. But the beauty of fighting games is that everyone else has their own desires too

I’m just saying as a consumer, I want to play her. I love her moveset, I love her design, I’d love to get to know her and pay to get some cosmetics for her but I’m not going to because of a mechanic that makes her undesirable to play. The devs should know that they’re missing out on money because they tuned her for a niche market of players instead of appealing to a broader audience.

That’s not to say I think everything in the game should be easy but the overall mission for KI has been to make a fun fighting game that is easy to pick up and difficult to master. Every other character is easy to pick up, you can spam Gargos, Sadira, Maya, whomever and still get results. Mira however… you do a combo and wind up hurting yourself more than your opponent.

I’m just throwing my vote her way because its an annoying management thing that isn’t fun for me, the same reason they axed Fulgore’s manual meter charge mechanic from season one. I have to tip my hat to anyone who’s mastered her in her current state because I hardly ever see Mira players online anymore.

I voted Eyedol but I would have probably voted Gargos if I played with Eyedol more. With Mira I don’t know if “complex” is really the word although I do think she is more complex than the average KI fighter, I think with Mira its more a matter of just being difficult to play well with rather than complex. I dunno, maybe a bit semantic.

I will say this: Each of the Season 3 characters are complex in their OWN unique way and play-style :slight_smile: :wink:

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I don’t think Mira is generally that complex or difficult to play. She’s not a beginner character, but the most you have to worry about is keeping track of her health which isn’t really that hard to manage. Just have some restraint, make appropriate use of Embrace, and you’re good to go.

I’d say Kim Wu is the least-accessible character of S3 overall, just because of how specialized she is how hard you have to work with her for results. Gargos and Eyedol are more complex, but they’ve got some BS players can crutch on that will be successful against many opponents.

Mira’s got my vote. She’s not too “complex” per se, but I think she has to walk the razor’s edge more than any other S3 (or S1 or S2) character to be effective. Gargos is very complex, but he’s also extremely heavy on setplay, which to me kind of brings down how hard he is to use. Once you get the patterns down for him, you’re almost playing a one player game. He doesn’t need to interact with the combo game at all if he doesn’t feel like it, so once you get over that initial hurdle of figuring him out you kind of get to just run your offense almost on autopilot. Mira always has to care what the opponent’s options are, and to me that makes her more difficult to use than Gargos.

I love Mira’s toolset and limitations personally. I’ve been learning her recently and have been having an absolute blast figuring out some of her ins and outs. I think a Mira who doesn’t hurt herself as much and deals less damage to compensate is a considerably less interesting character, and I wouldn’t be in favor of seeing her blood mechanic tweaked in any significant way.

As to “if hordes of people aren’t using them, something must be wrong”, I guess I just don’t see it that way. Not every character needs to be for everyone, and trying to make everyone appeal to some “base” demographic can be kind of boring. Even at the height of his brokenness there weren’t too many Kan-Ra’s, and there will never be very many Raam’s either. Some archetypes just don’t appeal to multitudes of people, and I’m ok with that.


I voted Mira, but dude, no. The mechanic is plenty of fun, the character is probably the strongest in the game, and there are already plenty of characters available for players who lack the decision-making skills to cope with Mira’s mechanic.

I don’t even know how you can refer to someone as a “clearly better player” when they’re just running out all of Mira’s overpowered stuff and bleeding their life away because of it. Of course they’re going to control the match flow if they do that, but it doesn’t mean they’re good players. Good at inputting motions and buttons a lot in a way that makes them seem flashy and impressive, maybe?

The main reason I’m nominating her is because I can just feel so much play to her that I don’t think anyone is even close to unlocking yet. I think her skill ceiling is higher than Fulgore’s, and at lower levels people don’t have a quarter of her offensive lines down and are also murdering themselves because they don’t understand the blood mechanic.

Gargos is obtuse and requires work, but I felt like I could put together more of his gameplan in a week than I could with Mira in a month.

^Bears repeating.

This was at a time when there were maybe three or four accessible characters in the entire cast; and also, the change was a step towards balancing out some very lopsided matchups where Fulgore could zone out certain characters and build a lot of meter without giving up much. It’s a very different situation from Mira’s one.

You could say the same thing about Dark Souls, or death metal, or pineapple pizza, or anything else that doesn’t have mass market appeal. Just because it isn’t popular doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t continue to be made by the people who like it how it is.
Hell, if MS had followed that philosophy Killer Instinct would’ve been axed as soon as Mortal Kombat X came out (or at the very least removed everyone that wasn’t Jago or Sabrewulf).

Mira’s unique style is why I play her. If she lost her damage I’d probably drop her like a rock. Besides, if Bass has added her to his repertoire of characters, she’s got to have something going for her.

Like @DEClimax said: Player incompetence/cowardice does not a bad character make.

On topic, I’m definitely putting Mira, Gargos, and Eyedol in my top 3 for most complex S3 characters (Arbiter could replace one of them easily though) because even the more difficult ones to use are relatively simple by comparison.

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Gargos is really complicated but Mira holy crap! You always have to be very careful on your next move and look out for those regen enders. Not my type of character in terms of gameplay but she still very fun to play with. And she’s very good looking IMO.

I vote Mira. After Sadira, she is one of my most favorite characters, but she is very hard to play. As Storm mentioned Mira has to walk a razor edge. You HAVE to watch her health constantly. I’ve fought incredibly good Miras who just took a wee bit too much of their own life and it cost them the match. She’s fun. She’s powerful and you can do a lot of cool things with her, but at the end of the day, if have to be perfect with her or you die really quickly.

I also don’t see Gargos being difficult. Would he be easy for noobs… no…but anybody with half a brain can pick him up and beat people. I still think he’s flat out broken, but then again, his archetype hasn’t really been explored in the realm of fighting games, at least I can’t think of any fighting game with a character like him. I would go on, but this conversation is for another thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mira is the obvious vote here, but I’d cast my vote for Kim. Her many disadvantages in the neutral situation are worth recognizing.

She’s not like super difficult by any means, but learning her takes patience and some getting used to for those who have a main that can take advantage of many situations.

Even tho mira maybe complex, i think she is easy to use when u know her basic brb. Arbiter imo is hard to use

For those examples to be valid you’d have to say for example adding a mode where… everyone shoots out confetti instead of blood when they die. Or doing a country track on a death metal album. Having one character that is incredibly unfriendly new newbs in a game that is made for easy access kinda goes against the grain.

These both sound like things which have been done before.

Confetti instead if blood? Grunt birthday party in Halo.
Plenty of wacky covers on death metal albums, including Britney Spears and children’s shows like Lazy Town.

KI had characters that weren’t newb friendly well before Mira (S1 Fulgore, Kan-Ra, Cinder, ARIA) and they’ve added others afterwards (I don’t picture my little brother picking up Gargos or Kilgore anytime soon). Mira’s archetype is what makes her interesting. Take that away, and she’s basically Jago minus the DP.

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I was talking about your example, Dark Souls. That sort of thing would not fit the game.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and mine is that Mira isn’t fun to play because of one mechanic.

Sure. Then don’t play her, and the people that find her fun will.

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