Most complex characters of S3 poll

Currently, which is the most complex to pick up, learn and get really good with and why?

  • Rash
  • Kim Wu
  • Arbiter
  • Tusk
  • Mira
  • Gargos
  • General Raam
  • Eyedol

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Gargos, no question. His mobility is awkward, half his moves are newbie traps, minions are difficult to use vs competent players, he requires refined setplay to be a real offensive threat, and his terrible defense means a new player is likely gonna spend a lot of their first matches on their back.


Probably Mira for me. Attacking costs health, basically kills herself.

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I voted Mira, simply because you spend more time managing your health than you do actually playing KI.


Mira, gargos, raam for the hardest to learn characters of S3.

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Learning eyedoll and his two stances was a huge curve ball

I voted Eyedol. It is hard to manage Juggles and combos when you character can switch move sets after any juggle or ender. Learning to merge 2 move sets that can change is hard to do.

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Mira. No doubt

Gargos seems the obvious choice, but after a while, he is quite “easy” to use.

I mean, he is not easy to use, but IMO Mira is harder to use

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Eyedol because you have to master both modes and adapt your playstyle. He’s not a character for people who do not know how to adapt to sudden changes.

I thought gargos and eyedol w really easy. I went Mira, but i feel kim wu is a strong second at high play with dragon cancel one chance break stuff

I agree with @xCrimsonLegendx, @FengShuiEnergy, @Dayv0, and others who voted for Mira. I have yet to personally see anyone effectively use her health mechanic.

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I love her playstyle but I don’t use her because of that mechanic, its just not fun. I have beat people online who were clearly better players than I am just because they killed themselves with Mira and I finished them off. Its a neat idea on paper but she is a character I will never use because of it. The girl needs a Fulgore level overhaul at this point.

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I don’t agree that mira is really that complex. Might be hard for someone lacking experience in other FGs, and the health thing is something you have to keep track of, but if you have some self control it’s not that hard to play around. Saying she needs to be reworked is crazy; her design isn’t the problem, people are just bad at playing her.

If they sacrifice her damage ability to make it not so punishing to use her moves I’d be fine with that. Granted she never interested me from a design stand point, so I never used her.

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Mira is perfect as is. Such an incredible design and super rewarding to use. She’s takes a lot of patience to learn how to play, but she’s worth it. Been maining her since day 1.

This would make her a far less interesting character to play. The entire point is that she has probably the best moveset in the game, but she has to limit her use of her best moves.


We’ll have to do with set then - I’d like to see what a good 1 looks like.

Check out the Mira forums, I’ve posted a lot of my match footage. I’d be down for a set as well

You have to think about the character’s overall use though, I’m pretty sure the reason Fulgore got his first meter rework was to make him more accessible to players because he was so unfriendly to newbies with his manual meter charge mechanic.

Mira is a good character as she is but most players won’t touch her because of how unforgiving it can be to learn her.

That much I understand I was just saying if they really felt a need to change her that’d be one of the bette roptions.

Personally I don’t care how she is to be honest, she’s not really annoying to fight like Sadira.