Most complex characters of S2 poll

Currently, which is the most complex to pick up, learn and get really good with and why?

  • TJ Combo
  • Maya
  • Kan Ra
  • Riptor
  • Omen
  • Aganos
  • Hisako
  • Cinder
  • Aria

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ARIA without a question. I mean managing 3 health bars an instinct that gives both buffs and debuff(s). Learning how to switch bodies whenever it calls for it, finding safe ways to switch, no PD regen on primary body, 240 health per body instead of the usual 360. Using assists well so that they don’t take damage.

Then throw on the basics like having multiple setups and tactics for each body, managing meter etc etc.


I’d say cinder and aganos are at a strong second place but I agree with you, I’ve hardly ever used aria since her release.

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I’d vote kan-ra for second place. Then either aganos or…maybe omen or maybe cinder. Maybe even maya.

ARIA, Kan-Ra

Somewhat complex:
Cinder, Hisako

Seems complex but not that much:

To me, the hardest thing to learn about aganos would have to be chunk management and his speed.

Aganos has some complexity, but not as much as he looks.

Depending of the MU, you may want 1 or 2 chunks, and you have to learn how to control space with him, but the execution is very low; you deal a lot of damage out of the combo system, has easy to execute setups, and it’s not that hard to take advantage of his traits with intelligence instead of skill.

I find harder to use(properly ) Cinder, Aria, Kan-Ra or Hisako than him

it’s really a toss up between ARIA nd Kan-Ra for me. Aria’s moves are all different (her punch moves) depening on which form she’s in, it’d take time to learn how each of them work and practice if you wanna take advantage of all parts.

I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned TJ. I rarely see people play him capably or in a maximized fashion.

That said, definitely ARIA, with Hisako, Cinder, Aganos, and Kan-Ra all right behind.

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Cinder feels kinda whacky sometimes but maybe this is how the inferno style of his gameplay was supposed to be. Fine. From what i’ve seen Kan-Ra are much more complicated because its not that hard surpass his zoning with shadow moves, bunny-hopins and some airbourne tricks. You can figure out how Kan-Ra has some though issues through most of his matches. From S to C tier poor mummy. :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed:

I’d say Aria but I haven’t really tried her out.