Most anti-climactic promotion ever

Been playing KI since launch. Today I finally achieved Killer rank. Going into the promotion match, adrenaline pumping, ready to rock. I get a bronze level contender that was afk the whole fight…

I thought my “finally got killer” post would be way more triumphant than this, but it’s the journey that counts, right?


When I hit killer, it was intense. After 8 consecutive wins that day I just had to win one more but then I lost the next 3.

The final fight was vs. a Killer. Both of us were down to Danger. My heart was pounding. Pulled out the win with a stage ultra. Glorious.

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Not at all.
Go back and start over.

Lol jk.
Funny story.
But get ready to have your Killer rank taken.
Im SURE they will introduce a new ranking system when S3 Launches.
I KNOW i dont deserve Killer.
But still, Getting Killer is not easy, so congratulations! Feels Good dont it?


Yeah, I wanted to get the rank before S3 because I don’t know what they have planned and thought this could be my last chance ha.

I agree that it’s the journey that counts - I got Killer rank earlier this year and was glad I managed it (it was a surprise to me as I didn’t know I was going to get promoted…)

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I hope we have a tier system within Killer. I mean, becoming better is to train against mighty opponents, sure. But, when you face Bob White, Water Horses, LCD, etc. it is extremely difficult to find the errors in your game. Not to mention it is really easy for them most of the time.

Having a tier system would face tournament players amongst their own where they would feel comfortable and allow fresh Killers to ease up while learning more.

The only problem would be lacking players at certain tiers, but maybe PC would allow for greater numbers.

Either way, I do agree on seeing a new ranking system.

Hey, I’ve leveled up before from a guy who literally quit in the character select. It happens.

dude, until you try for that top 32, you don’t know anything

Congrats on making it to Killer! Even if your last match felt like a pity party from the gods.
While I can kinda sympathize that my last match wasn’t super challenging (Supreme Victory against a lower level Gold) I’d had plenty of fights before it that certainly made that last match feel super cool. From a comeback that I almost feel boiled down to a missed input for the opponent mixed with fraction of a second blind luck, to beating the tar out of disrespectful killers, to even having matches against Top 32 Players like UA Charlieboy.
While the final boss may have been anti-climactic hopefully the rest of the grind was worth it.

Me too…my fiancee and kids sitting there cheering me on LOL…and I lost! I had to win another and then a 2nd promotion match against a killer. It was so close too!