Mortal Kombat 11

Lol. Good to know I’m not going crazy. I was pretty sure I’d seen duplicates and not just once but several times.

Absolutely. And people’s reaction on the reveal suggests that it was a popular idea.

This is the problem. Clearing out the Krypt once is probably okay. But there’s too many classes of items (skins, gear, material, augments, three currencies). Then random layered over random. And finally, frankly, just too much stuff.

Anything they could do to give people some control over what they are after, track their progress more easily, and (heaven forbid) even grouping some of these nearly identical skins together would help reduce people’s frustration and fatigue.

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There’s a host of ways to get Skins and Gear in Mortal Kombat 11. In the Krypt, you have Chests, Spirit Chests (Kenshi’s Blindfold is needed to see them), Soul Vaults (Ermacs Soul Gem is needed to access them), Shao Kahn Chests and Hellfire Chests. There’s also Kronika Vaults that spawn and disappear around the map.

Chests, Spirit Chests, and Kronika Vaults cost Koins to open. Soul Vaults cost Soul Fragments. Shao Kahn Chests and Hellfire Chests cost Hearts.

In the Courtyard and the approach to Goro’s Throne, there is a Kronika Time Vault (not to be confused with Kronika Vaults). Here, you can spend Koins to refill Chests, Spirit Chests, and Soul Vaults. Some items can only be found in repopulated Chests and Vaults.

You can also forge certain items via the Forge, which costs various items and currency, and you can gamble at the Shrine for another pool of items. As has been mentioned, 100,000 Koins is what you need to spend for Skins, 75,000 Koins for Gear. Not sometimes you’ll still get Augments, despite the spend.

In the Warrior Shrine is a wall with spikes and characters faces. As you play the game, when you perform your 25th Fatality on a character, you collect their Head. You can then go to the Krypt and place their Head on a spike. This will unlock the Chest there for that character and grant you some items and an additional Intro and/or Victory pose. Impale, I believe it was 10 heads, and the doors to Shang Tsung’s Throne room opens, allowing you access to some great chests that contain intros and victory posses as well as other items. I believe 15 heads total opens another set of doors, and finally 25 heads opens the last set of doors in his Throne Room.

Also, when you put on Kenshi’s blindfold, you’re sometimes attacked by a zombie. Kill it with your Hammer first, and you’ll get a Sub-Zero skin. Find Reptile and kill him with the Hammer (he’s also invisible), and you’ll get a Scorpion skin.

You also get Skins and Gear via completing Towers in the Towers of Time, by playing through Story Mode, and by winning AI Battles.

For those who haven’t, you can go to to find Forge Recipes, and other useful Krypt stuff.

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Yeah I know.; I have them all and the Shao Kahn voice, but I just didnt think about Nightwolf having one over there, plus it being the Revenant skin I just couldnt wait to get.
Man it looks so sick!
I also want the Johny Cage voice announcer… lots of work to get that though!

I think we know all this, but thanks anyways… also forge recipes are just above your post by a few.

@BigBadAndy WHat does RNG mean exactly? (Random ------ Generator? )

@CausingThought6 The Krypt doesn’t suck… that’s just your opinion, negative as usual… the krypt can be tedious, yes…but it doesn’t suck. Is there anything you enjoy in this world?

Random Number Generator.

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Cool, though there’s a bunch of things missing from the Forge List above. The thread for Forge Recipes on can be found here for anyone who does want to take a look and double check.

There’s a few things that are in later posts in the thread that did not get added to the main post, as I recall.

And I agree, the Krypt does not suck. It’s quite excellent in my opinion.

Yeah this.

My brother got it. Just keep in mind your ranking as based on score - so rack up a high score in each tower by using mercies and brutalities. Don’t worry about speeding to get as many done as possible.

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There’s plenty I like. I’m just in a rough patch of time where lots of things I don’t like are happening. I can’t change how I feel just because it annoys you.

In previous games, I could go in, get what I wanted, and leave. In this game I can not and it feels like I never will unless this game becomes my job. From that perspective, it sucks.

In my opinion, Towers of Time since the patch (this is before Nightwolf was available early for KP owners) is a little easier but it can get boring once you start doing all five stages of the Character Towers.

Speaking of Nightwolf, his Devil Dog skin makes him look like Finn Balor from WWE.

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Yeah I tend to only play towers of time now when there’s only one stage or perhaps when there are three smaller stages. I hate having to go through five, even though I logically know that I can get a skin for my character with each tower that I beat. It just takes forever.

Okay. I gotta say, I just finished the PS4 god of War, and i’d really like to see how this version of Kratos would function in MK. I know they don’t do that kind of thing anymore (which saddens me deeply) but it’s just such a different take on the character and I think it would be interesting.

So I pretty much almost lost my milkshake when the Johnny Cage Announcer Voice said Rat B astard instead of Kano. lol I laughed so hard.


Ill have him in the next day or so! Im currently at 9% so I just have to keep playing a bit each day to stay under 10%…cant wait!


Same. I was at 5.6% last night (on PC), and just need to generally maintain this and he’ll be mine!

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Reptile would be Fn sick in MK11…I really hope he makes it.

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that’s funny, but legit request as far as i’m concerned.


I don’t know. I’ve always been sick of people complaining about missing ninjas. I think it’s better to give other, more unique characters the spotlight.

But didn’t you want everyone to return in the first place? You kept treating MK11 like some weird analogue of life, where you can either have good gameplay or all characters but not both (and were unhappy about this fact). Not trying to start something, but it does seem weird to have you not want specific legacy characters now after all of that.

But anyways, tomorrow is the supposed date where they show off all of the characters in the Kombat Pass. I personally want to see how they fix Sindel, since every other character on the roster took all of her old gimmicks at this point.

Also, @FallofSeraphs76

In MKX, I just found out they released Gold Scorpion, Blue Steel Sub-Zero, and Krimson Ermac for free on the Xbox Marketplace (probably everywhere else as well). I don’t know if you still play MKX, but if I recall you said that Gold Scorpion was the one skin you wanted but could never get.

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Yeah Boon said either right before or right after that he didn’t mind players requesting characters because so many have bought the game and played and he linked to an article about how well MK11’s sold. He was appreciative, so I love the trolling part of “don’t ask me for characters” in his other post. Thought that was pretty funny. :joy: