Mortal Kombat 11

Yeah I didn’t like MKX’s krypt and think this one is a drastic improvement. That said, everything you take issue with is on my list of negatives as well. I get that it’s easier to reload chests than it is to create new areas for them, but if that’s the case, then there needs to be another, more straight forward way to unlock things in the krypt than wandering around areas you’ve been a thousand times.

I’m also not a fan of the blindfold, which requires you to wander around the whole krypt as souls drain, searching the same area. I think they came up with the forge and the coin dump machine as ways of getting more without having to search, but the problem is that neither of those are even remotely fun.

For one thing, you have to already know what you’re mixing in order to get anything in the forge, otherwise you’re just wasting your time. With the coin dump machine, that’s all you’re doing… Dumping coins. Huh.

It might’ve been nice if they had NPCs, anyone from pirates searching the deserted island for treasure to ghosts of tournaments past give you stuff, trade you stuff for some of your useless items that you collect or whatever… This might also help make the island feel more “full,” I guess. I know it’s supposed to be a dead island essentially, but running around the same places over and over again gets boring. It’s basically just you and the Kollector and he’s not overly chatty lol.

So yeah, I think they’re heading in the right direction. MK:DA’s krypt was extremely basic, boring, and there was a ton of useless junk in it. MK:D’s was basically more of the same. MK9 added some variation, some areas to explore, etc, but that made it a bit of a long, tedious mode and the payoffs weren’t great. Same goes for MKX.

The idea of exploring Shang Tsung’s island is great on the surface. It’s a place most MK fans are familiar with, and it’s chocked full of fan service, call backs, inside stuff… whatever you want to call it. That’s all great. But if you have this much stuff to give players, you have to find more interesting ways to do it, or at the very least, less random ways, or less tedious ways. There’s a rewarding grind, and then there’s just dull, soul draining, repetitive work.

They’re at the point now where they can at least create a place that you want to explore and their giving you more compelling stuff than they did in the 3D era, so the rewarding grind is there. Now they just need to figure out how to keep that feeling going before the dull, repetitive work feeling creeps in.

Having events, like the gold Kronika orb are a nice, albeit small start. I also liked the heads requirement to open an area. It took a long time and the payoff wasn’t overly worth it, but if they can improve the rewards, I don’t mind working toward something. Finding the items for the character to use is also good, as it adds a slight Metroid aspect, allowing you to explore more and unlock more, etc. Overall though, I think they just need to concentrate on making the search more fun, and making the rewards of the search both intuitive to find and ultimately worth it.


SO to get all those other skins per character… you have to reload the krypt chests? I thought for sure every skin was just in the krypt one time only…but now that IM at the end of the krypt…and a ton of skins left… Im like wait… where are the rest? I know some are in AI battle and Towers of time…but the listings show them as in the krypt. Well now I know I need to reload some chests…ugh

I REALLY REALLY want Nightwolf’s revenant skin… to me…that sucker is the best one. It looks so dark and evil. Love it!

**** Loving NIghtwolf so far!! I think they did an awesome hob with him! Right now Im rocking his Assassins Creed 3 outfit…I think it looks the best out of the 3 skin I have.
I’ve named my “Load Outs” Chief Thunder, Tatanka, and Wolfenstien…LOLOL
(Anyone know who Tatanka is??)

It’s actually not clear. Maybe you can get them from the shrine instead? But each skin tells you where it’s from and most say “unlocked in the Krypt.” Well if you have revealed all the Krypt chests it’s hard to imagine you need to get hundreds of skins from the shrine. But who knows?

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I believe the slot machine thing is what you want for skin farming. Max had a video about it a while back - apparently at certain “donations” to the slot machine you are guaranteed a particular type of cosmetic reward. I want to say the skins were 100,000 koins, but that number could be wrong :thinking:


Yeah, every time I have a few hundred grand I go to the shrine and drop some coin on skins. I also use the krypt item that enhances your chances for higher level skins or gear.

But man there are hundreds of skins still locked. Even on my main characters I dont even have half unlocked and I have a lot of stuff!

BTW…to get an easy Nightwolf Revenant skin “Devil Dog”… complete his tutorial! I just found that out while browsing through his skins. COOL!

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You do get a random skin at 100,000 Koins. 75,000 gets you gear. But with the slot machine the skins are still RNG. I was convinced it gave me skins I already have but the internet says it doesn’t do duplicates, so maybe I’m wrong. So then it’s just a ton of money to stand there pulling a lever and get a random skin. Fun…

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This Krypt. Sucks.

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All the characters have a skin for completing the tutorial. Most of them are pretty good too.

Ef the “internet”. lol I’ve gotten skins and gear that I’ve already gotten. I too thought I was going crazy and imagining it but it happens. No “internet” will convince me otherwise. :slight_smile:

Yeah I was doing the RNG slot machine for a long while, but yesterday I just decided to drop 700K in to refilling 350 chests. Can’t say I’m having all that much fun with finding and opening them again. Man, what a weird mechanic for a game. If you liked doing it once, you’ll love doing it twice… WTF?

I dunno, I think they had a really good concept for the krypt in recreating Shang Tsung’s island, but I think they may have relied a bit too much on the novelty of exploring these places from MK1 on modern systems.

I don’t think that was intentional on their part. I think it’s more that the ideas they had for how you’d interact with the krypt just wound up being not very fun. The forge is probably the worst offender to me, as you’re essentially relying on other players info and guides and collecting a bunch of otherwise useless crap to mix together to get stuff.

But the random gear/skin generator is also not fun, restocking chests is not fun, having to walk around to find the restocked chests as well as invisible chests and restocked invisible chests (as you lose souls for the last two) is not fun.

Truth be told, I don’t particularly know how to make a mode like this “fun” or exciting to go to and interact with over an extended period of time. Part of me thinks it’s more of a feature on a list of features to show how full of stuff the game is at this point. They could just as easily have stuck to rewarding skins and gear by playing towers of time, classic towers and online seasons. Maybe even do away with the AI battles as well since I’d have to think most people fast forward through them regardless.

I’m kinda curious what other people think. How would you make the krypt more interesting over a long period of time; the type of mode people would enjoy coming back to over and over again?

At the most basic level, I agree with Andy and others that said the mode needs to put treasure chests, soul silos (or whatever those are called) etc on the map if they’re full and remove them when they’re empty. But that’s still more of a quality of life improvement than a “fun” improvement.

Would making you interact with more characters be more tedious? What about fighting actual matches? Perhaps you unlock hidden characters here or fight hidden characters? Obviously MK9 had Tremor in a tower and I believe MKX had Hydro in a tower. Would that be better or worse if you could say, fight against MKX Kenshi but you couldn’t use him in the game?

Part of me thinks it’d be really cool if you could fight a ton of characters that didn’t make the roster and then maybe defeating them gives you some type of outfit or skin or gear for a character that’s themed after them, like fighting Kung Jin gives you a Kung Jin outfit for Kung Lao, or fighting Mileena gives you a Mileena outfit for Kitana, fighting Cyrax, Sektor, Robot Smoke, Cyber Sub Zero and Hydro gives you gear, skins or even outfits for Frost from those characters and so on.

NRS talked about possibly adding more special moves to choose for variations. Who knows, maybe you even get a special move from a specific character when you fight them. I think people would likely hate this as they’d almost certainly rather just get the moves in an update instead of having to fight MK:DA Kung Lao to get his triple kick for Kung Lao or fight MKX Erron Black to get his Tarkatan Stab or his Sand Grendes. Anyways, just an idea.

So what would you do to make this mode more fun?

Lol. Good to know I’m not going crazy. I was pretty sure I’d seen duplicates and not just once but several times.

Absolutely. And people’s reaction on the reveal suggests that it was a popular idea.

This is the problem. Clearing out the Krypt once is probably okay. But there’s too many classes of items (skins, gear, material, augments, three currencies). Then random layered over random. And finally, frankly, just too much stuff.

Anything they could do to give people some control over what they are after, track their progress more easily, and (heaven forbid) even grouping some of these nearly identical skins together would help reduce people’s frustration and fatigue.

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There’s a host of ways to get Skins and Gear in Mortal Kombat 11. In the Krypt, you have Chests, Spirit Chests (Kenshi’s Blindfold is needed to see them), Soul Vaults (Ermacs Soul Gem is needed to access them), Shao Kahn Chests and Hellfire Chests. There’s also Kronika Vaults that spawn and disappear around the map.

Chests, Spirit Chests, and Kronika Vaults cost Koins to open. Soul Vaults cost Soul Fragments. Shao Kahn Chests and Hellfire Chests cost Hearts.

In the Courtyard and the approach to Goro’s Throne, there is a Kronika Time Vault (not to be confused with Kronika Vaults). Here, you can spend Koins to refill Chests, Spirit Chests, and Soul Vaults. Some items can only be found in repopulated Chests and Vaults.

You can also forge certain items via the Forge, which costs various items and currency, and you can gamble at the Shrine for another pool of items. As has been mentioned, 100,000 Koins is what you need to spend for Skins, 75,000 Koins for Gear. Not sometimes you’ll still get Augments, despite the spend.

In the Warrior Shrine is a wall with spikes and characters faces. As you play the game, when you perform your 25th Fatality on a character, you collect their Head. You can then go to the Krypt and place their Head on a spike. This will unlock the Chest there for that character and grant you some items and an additional Intro and/or Victory pose. Impale, I believe it was 10 heads, and the doors to Shang Tsung’s Throne room opens, allowing you access to some great chests that contain intros and victory posses as well as other items. I believe 15 heads total opens another set of doors, and finally 25 heads opens the last set of doors in his Throne Room.

Also, when you put on Kenshi’s blindfold, you’re sometimes attacked by a zombie. Kill it with your Hammer first, and you’ll get a Sub-Zero skin. Find Reptile and kill him with the Hammer (he’s also invisible), and you’ll get a Scorpion skin.

You also get Skins and Gear via completing Towers in the Towers of Time, by playing through Story Mode, and by winning AI Battles.

For those who haven’t, you can go to to find Forge Recipes, and other useful Krypt stuff.

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Yeah I know.; I have them all and the Shao Kahn voice, but I just didnt think about Nightwolf having one over there, plus it being the Revenant skin I just couldnt wait to get.
Man it looks so sick!
I also want the Johny Cage voice announcer… lots of work to get that though!

I think we know all this, but thanks anyways… also forge recipes are just above your post by a few.

@BigBadAndy WHat does RNG mean exactly? (Random ------ Generator? )

@CausingThought6 The Krypt doesn’t suck… that’s just your opinion, negative as usual… the krypt can be tedious, yes…but it doesn’t suck. Is there anything you enjoy in this world?

Random Number Generator.

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Cool, though there’s a bunch of things missing from the Forge List above. The thread for Forge Recipes on can be found here for anyone who does want to take a look and double check.

There’s a few things that are in later posts in the thread that did not get added to the main post, as I recall.

And I agree, the Krypt does not suck. It’s quite excellent in my opinion.

Yeah this.

My brother got it. Just keep in mind your ranking as based on score - so rack up a high score in each tower by using mercies and brutalities. Don’t worry about speeding to get as many done as possible.

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There’s plenty I like. I’m just in a rough patch of time where lots of things I don’t like are happening. I can’t change how I feel just because it annoys you.

In previous games, I could go in, get what I wanted, and leave. In this game I can not and it feels like I never will unless this game becomes my job. From that perspective, it sucks.