Mortal Kombat 11


Yes finally figured out its right bumper to amplify moves…but someof them still have odd timings and it doesnt explain when to do it like past NR games.

Scorpion players…try using the Air Sin Blade special move. It causes a ground bounce exactly like MKX…there for you can follow up with combos just like MKX…which feels good and familiar. I like this set up…
Flame breath
Air Sin Blade
Burning Spear or Demon Dash

I tried the Demon stance and its just to stationary for my liing right now. Also Death Spin chain swing looks and animates awesomely but its hard to use in a match as Scorpion is soooooo unsafe on just about everything.

**BTW… Scarlet no longer has short hair…you cant change it either as of now. Long hair or the hat, thats it.


Here is the list of wake up attacks, escapes, combo break escapes, and air escapes…also hop attacks… get used ot them becasue this is where the real meta is going to take place.

1. > Quick hop:

tap up (do a very short tap, can only be done neutral, no forward or back, follow up with punch or kick)

> Wake up moves:

  1. u3 - Invincible attack (uses 1 offensive bar, and 1 defensive bar)
  2. u2 - Launcher (uses 1 offensive bar, and 1 defensive bar
  3. f+stance (L2) - Forward roll (uses 1 def. bar) (strike invulnerable) (throws can beat it)
  4. b+stance (L2) - Back roll (same as above)

> (no delayed wakeups)
> Breakaway (combo breaker, sort of):

d+block (R2) while you are in a juggle state (uses 2 defensive bars)

> Flawless block:

tap block just before getting hit (you won’t take chip damage, there are 2 follow ups)

  1. u3 - Same as wake up u3
  2. u2 - Same as wake up u2

> Air escape d+R2 is the new combo breaker.


Does anyone know how to beat Skarlet’s Mix up of Fwd 4, 3, x Blood Tentacle? Like if you don’t cancel, you have to (seems like) guess a 50/50 grab mix up and I’m wondering if there is something I can do like a poke or interruption.


Sadly, I’m sure this is just about having some control over the test conditions and they might as well do the test in their single biggest market. Yeah it sucks if you can’t participate.

I kompletely (heh heh) forgot about the perfect blocking. Can you remind me how that’s supposed to work? In a game at this pace I suspect it’s going to become really important.

Edit: going to throw my beta test up on mixer. No microphone because the kids are wandering around but if people are interested feel free.


Similar to Smash but not quite, you time your block just before the attack hits and you take no chip damage and reduced blockstun, meaning you can punish what would normally be safe strings (In Smash, you release shield instead of holding it to get a perfect parry). Seems the only options you get out of it for now are the wake-up options of up+2 or up+3.

There’s the video explaining it a bit better.


There’s a saying, if you can’t beat them, watch them on Mixer. That’s what I’m doing now.


I had to take a break but I will get back on in a bit.

I’ve had a few matches where the WiFi of my opponent is killing me - just making that hairs difference between reactable and not reactable on stuff. But for the most part I’m increasingly impressed by the game. When I lose, I know why and I’m not struggling to understand what’s happening. Generally you’re making simple Rock Paper Scissors choices, but it’s clear that understanding the spacing and timing of moves, meaty setups and what’s punishable will make a big difference.

This might actually be a game I spend some time trying to improve with.


Holy cow, so many people disconnect when they lose. It’s a stress test for crying out loud.


I have zero connection issues and I like how it shows if they are wifi or direct line users.
Ive had 1 instance where it dragged for like 1 second and it wasnt a factor. THe game feels great and looks amazing.
Ive never liked Scorpion but I like this version for sure. I cant wait to see the entire roster and all the fun it will be customizing each character…OMG its going to be epic! IM about to get on…maybe I will find you lol


I have definitely had some issues here and there with the online but for the most part it’s pretty good.

Also worth mentioning that the load times are great.


Yes load times are great! I just had a match that lagged pretty bad.

Right now my biggest annoyance is…Scorpion is unsafe on everything…bad!
SKarlet is not…and the SKarlet players do that same ■■■■ combo over and over…XXY XXY…blood grab. If you block it, when you punish they are able to jab out if they choose the right one. Its defintiely not as unsafe as Scorpion. Scorpion is blocked…he eats a full combo and you better hope it isnt a good player with a long crushing blow string… especially Barakas…ouch.

THe punishment, “its my turn” balance is a little off IMO. Maybe its the input delay? If it s you have to mash super early and hope they arent mashing to jab it out and catch you on rock paepr scissors style jab out.


Got about 100 games in before my xbox live went down on the east coast.


That’s weird, I have been playing all morning… I wonder if it just went out after I hopped off.

@FallofSeraphs76 there is definitely some challenges with punishing in terms of latency. You do have to punish early so you may not be seeing what is truly safe if you aren’t quick off the blocks. Without a practice mode it’s tough to know for sure. The lag can also effect the amount of time you have to block on reaction too, but in general the game works well.

Yeah, if Baraka hits you the uppercut krushing blow he can then immediately do his knee one almost guaranteed. But Scorpion actually has this too (although I’m not sure what his rib cage crushing blow is).


Which one exactly? The crushing blow on F.3, 4 makes it special-cancellable. 2, 1, 2 is just more damage


I guess they were too stressed. Does that mean they failed the Stress Test?


After he uppercuts you he does a spinning back kick. I’ve never done it I’ve only had it done to me.


Scorpions is the Fwd 3,4 combo but it only crushes if its a counter or 1st hit. SOmething like that. Max and others have stated Scorpion is unsafe on everything. ONly with the cancel move set can he be safe.


I think most characters are unsafe on most things. I wasn’t arguing with you about Scorpion, but I’m guessing Skarlett’s not safe either for her strings.

I’m playing Scorpion now and I don’t feel more vulnerable on block than I did with Baraka. What’s the distance on his D,B,F 2 fatality? I can’t seem to get it.


On another note it is the uppercut crushing blow followed by the F3,4 for Scorpion. I just did it and it works. You get two crushing blows and a ton of damage.


full screen on dfb2
mid screen on bdd1

Yeah I know you werent arguing, just saying most feel that way as well. All though none of us know as you said without the practice menu with stats and details.
Its just hard to get punished when you are blocked and then when you feel its your turn it doesnt work due to a lil jab or when they completely miss due to an accidental duck or move at the right time…like WTF ? lol