Mortal Kombat 11


What is wrong with you. What, did I kill your dog or something? Why are you always so aggressive with me?


I don’t think you realize how aggressive it is to say things like “scambox live.” The implication being anyone who pays for it is a sucker which is pretty much an invitation to be challenged. Then you seem astonished that people respond negatively… granted I agree that @FallofSeraphs76’s response was overboard but you kind of set yourself up for these things.

More importantly, what is the deal with the amplified moves in this game? Why am I not getting any of them?


You press the Stance button (R1) to make Enhance moves come out. At least that’s what I’ve been doing.


Ah… I’ve changed my control layout and stance is way off in the corner… okay let me try that.

Edit: doesn’t seem to work for me.


Stress test went well!! Connectivity was a sucess and the gameplay so far is cool!


What character are you using?


Baraka. I have somehow gotten his double blade spark once and that’s it. But I have used the flip stance button to do the defensive roll move. NRS has a history of confusing button assignments where if you change the buttons it doesn’t correctly remap their alternate uses and such. Hopefully that’s not what’s happening.


I think paying for online is a scam. The main selling point, going online, is me essentially playing to be beaten and loose over and over again no matter how much I practice. As a bonus I get free TEMPORARY access to games I may never, and probably will never, play and “discounts” on other games to get me to spend more money. That feels like a scam to me, can you honestly say I’m wrong.

I’ll admit, I was a bit more aggressive than I should have been with my phrasing. And I’m probably just going to get shat on again by Seraph. I just feel like my opinions are deviated from the norm and that there must be other people who agree with me. The aggression is partly an attempt to rally them up and give them the courage to break through the masses of people who are shouting loudly about how much they like the things we hate.


Been playing Skarlet mostly for the beta. I wish this beta had a training mode avaliable, I learn my stuff easier that way lol.


You had the button right but I was confused because that’s the interact button not the stance. Since I changed the buttons I was trying to hit my alternate stance instead of my alternate interact. So now I have it sorted. Thanks man.

Yes I can, and since you invited me to I guess I will. What does how terrible you are at online games have to do with whether Xbox live is a scam or not? There’s a huge difference between something you don’t think is worthwhile and something that is a scam.

A scam is something where they lie to you are charge you an amount of money that is far in excess of what they give you. Xbox Live is not that.

And, not for nothing, why do you want to fight about that? You absolutely could ask for an offline demo without saying anything about Xbox live and tons of people would agree woth you. Instead, given the opportunity to move on you double down and offer the weirdest logic I’ve ever heard and then ask me, explicitly, to argue. And I know you’re going to react as though I’m somehow being mean to you in which case don’t say stuff like “can you honestly say I’m wrong?”


So, MK11 is fun so far. Let’s keep the discussion in this thread about MK11, Sí?

So, Baraka really clicks with me. Still learning a lot of stuff, which is hard without a training mode, but I like a lot of his moves so far like to running stabby-grabby and the swipey-swipey-swipey ad infinum one. The Scooby Doo style “Face Off” fatality also makes me smile.*
Edit: that typo was embarrassing…or rather smelly :joy:


I’m learning Scorpion a little. So far he plays pretty well. I lost two fights against a Baraka player but I had fun, so I’m good.


The lack of a training mode or even a moves list you can scroll through outside a match is pretty bad.

So far I’m really enjoying the game. It’s very fundamental - you have to know what’s punishable and what moves you can punish with and when it’s your turn. It’s slower pace means it’s not just wild 50/50 all the time, which I really like.


I’ve just had the moves list on my IPad and I glance at it every chance I get during a match lol. Glad I have some decent fundamentals :joy:


Auto correct is really putting in the work in this thread XD

I just watched a K&M video about Flawless blocking. @FallofSeraphs76 you could try that if people are just going ham with the uppercuts and return the favor with your own uppercut.

Also, could someone explain the point of an online stress test that is limited to one country?


My bad lol

I never use the Stance Button or Interactables so I just assumed that was it


Yes finally figured out its right bumper to amplify moves…but someof them still have odd timings and it doesnt explain when to do it like past NR games.

Scorpion players…try using the Air Sin Blade special move. It causes a ground bounce exactly like MKX…there for you can follow up with combos just like MKX…which feels good and familiar. I like this set up…
Flame breath
Air Sin Blade
Burning Spear or Demon Dash

I tried the Demon stance and its just to stationary for my liing right now. Also Death Spin chain swing looks and animates awesomely but its hard to use in a match as Scorpion is soooooo unsafe on just about everything.

**BTW… Scarlet no longer has short hair…you cant change it either as of now. Long hair or the hat, thats it.


Here is the list of wake up attacks, escapes, combo break escapes, and air escapes…also hop attacks… get used ot them becasue this is where the real meta is going to take place.

1. > Quick hop:

tap up (do a very short tap, can only be done neutral, no forward or back, follow up with punch or kick)

> Wake up moves:

  1. u3 - Invincible attack (uses 1 offensive bar, and 1 defensive bar)
  2. u2 - Launcher (uses 1 offensive bar, and 1 defensive bar
  3. f+stance (L2) - Forward roll (uses 1 def. bar) (strike invulnerable) (throws can beat it)
  4. b+stance (L2) - Back roll (same as above)

> (no delayed wakeups)
> Breakaway (combo breaker, sort of):

d+block (R2) while you are in a juggle state (uses 2 defensive bars)

> Flawless block:

tap block just before getting hit (you won’t take chip damage, there are 2 follow ups)

  1. u3 - Same as wake up u3
  2. u2 - Same as wake up u2

> Air escape d+R2 is the new combo breaker.


Does anyone know how to beat Skarlet’s Mix up of Fwd 4, 3, x Blood Tentacle? Like if you don’t cancel, you have to (seems like) guess a 50/50 grab mix up and I’m wondering if there is something I can do like a poke or interruption.


Sadly, I’m sure this is just about having some control over the test conditions and they might as well do the test in their single biggest market. Yeah it sucks if you can’t participate.

I kompletely (heh heh) forgot about the perfect blocking. Can you remind me how that’s supposed to work? In a game at this pace I suspect it’s going to become really important.

Edit: going to throw my beta test up on mixer. No microphone because the kids are wandering around but if people are interested feel free.