More stages anytime soon maybe?

Since we’re now getting post Season 3 characters, I was wondering if we’ll also get any post Season 3 stages anytime this year? It’s been 6 months since Astral Plane stage and I really miss playing new stages.


Stay tuned.

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You mean new characters totally right?

Who knows…
As written above "stay tuned"

They might surprise us, but I wouldn’t count on it.
The reason they stopped making new stages was so they could afford on working on other things, right?
And considering they are still putting out characters, I don’t think we should expect new stages.

But again… we could be surprised…


i think they would do a stage pack…like a $15 stage pack with 5-6 stages…something like that.

Then a retro stage pack for another $10. i think something like that would sell better than the Killgore fund did

The fact that they are doing remix characters tells you that stages just are not in the budget. the budget is clearly spent on Ultimate’s (that are cinematic versions of current animations) remix characters using current animations. New colors and Shadow lords content.

I just dont see all new stages making it into this “season” of KI>

How many people would buy it? Do you really think they would make enough income from selling stages at $3 each to pay for their development? I doubt it.

I’d pay for anything they put out. Hopefully we get a full compliment of stages soon.


This won’t be a popular opinion but I’d rather see other things in the game instead of new stages. I think there are more than enough in the game now.


then how about a major expansion like a season. actaul expansions, i’d expect, sell more than smaller costume packs, character packs, etc.

the line that its outgrown seasons doesn’t really make sense unless there’s a technology limitation.

games can have lots of content added. Fighting games especially since they aren’t making huge world maps like skyrim, and dont have to balance 1000s of items (diablo), etc.

If the sales #s for the season is getting smaller and smaller, THEN the comment would make sense, but there’s no inherent reason that the game can’t have more season based content.

There are still strange character types that have not been explored and they would need gameplay mechanics added to it. Lots of stages are left. Maybe an arcade mode with random final boss (eyedol or gargos), unique dojo for each character, etc. Still lots to explore.



You’re talking about lots of unrelated things. Yes people would buy a seasons worth of content. More or less people than would buy single characters or costumes? Beats me. I have no data on this.

I do have data on buying stages. In SFV I have the stages that come with the seasons. But I’m sure as hell not paying money to unlock stages. Based in the fact that I rarely see them, most other people aren’t either.

And please stop using the term “missing” stages. They aren’t missing. While there are an infinite number of possible stages they might make, that doesn’t mean they are “missing” stages if they don’t make an infinite number.

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Well who knows for sure. And as always and just like before too (according to the developers), stay tuned :wink:

You know many people have said the same thing then when it’s available for purchase they flip out because they have to pay for it. Not saying/implying that you’re one of these people but I always find it funny when it happens.

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Just like what I said a couple weeks ago: constant demand for more content, many people that say they would throw money at the devs to make certain content, but IG/MS be damned if they us pay for any of it! :unamused:

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I pay 30 € for 5 missing stages.

hehe yeah lots of bullshitters but i’ve paid full price for everything as it came out.

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