More Shadow Slots

Is there a reason why there’s only two? I would like to gave one for every character, or at least a couple more.


Are you referring to the shadow meter? 'Cause if you are, then no, more than 2 is unecesary and would be completely broken. As it is now, with a decent-sized combo (I find the standard combo-string does the trick in most cases) and a proper battery-ender, I could get shadow meter with every single combo amd still perform more shadow moves within the very same combo! Or if the opponent tries to combo me, I can shadow counter them! That’s already not enough for you?

I think he talks about the Shadow Lab… And in that matter, I completely agree with the OP, you should be able to create a Shadow for every character.


Ah, well in that case, I agree. However, the devs have already stated that it takes time to add in all of the characters. There will be more opportunities in the future - just be patient; more slots will be added so you can have more than 2. :wink:

I actually was pretty salty when Shadows came out… I’m a Season player and I could not make an Aganos Shadow… And was not salty because he wasn’t available, I was salty because the devs did not say anything about some characters not being available until the mode came out!

Here’s a good question - would you guys rather have waited for Shadows mode to be released with all of the S1 and S2 characters as part of S3 (or somewhere between S2 and S3), and with more available slots, instead of only getting a portion of it like we already currently have?

I would have waited. They just needed not to say anything so we wouldn’t know!

I agree we dson’t need more than two. Omen is fine with 3 that’s his deal. I don’t think we need more shadow moves or it’s gonna be spam city.

I would definitely agree that we need more slots than two. Ideally I’d love to have all 17/18 slots available for each character, useful especially if you’re looking to pick up a new character but already have the two slots filled.

I’m not talking about shadow meter.

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I will be happy with at least 3 slots being available by the time S2’s roster fills the Shadow listing.

Of course ideally, at least 1 slot per character would be the sweet spot but as they say… It can take a very short time for someone to learn the basics of every tool. It can take a lifetime to master just one.

For the top %, it seems like one can master all characters and it’d be great to do so (and show it off via Shadows), for others, just getting 2 going is a lot!

I’d like 3 for my 3 thoughts of thinking: Balanced, Rushdown, Main. Depending on how long I’ve played consecutively for, the more I can use a Rushdown or Main character more. The less I play, the “more” I stay with Jago because he revolves around a couple decades of fundamentals. He’s not really my main… Though he is really my main by stats.
With 3 slots, I can work my different mindsets and grow them organically when the time arises.

I wanna have all characters at level 50 and I already leveled glacius that way. Shadow lab to learn the basics and then ranked. Now I had to delete my glacius shadow to create another one unfortunately.

Agreed! 2 slots is not enough!!! Id love to be informed as to why we can only have 2. and I think its hilarious some people are so quick to jump to conclusions to think you mean shadow bar stock lol!!! SMH

The thread title and the context in the sentence is pretty explanatory.

What I have done is I have 2 accounts, so in total, 4 shadow slots. Kind of sucks to have to do it this way, but that’s the only way for now to get more. But honestly I rarely use the 2nd account, so I just wish every character available could have a shadow if earned some how.

Devs have said more will become available, so no worries! Just be patient. :wink:

Oh ■■■■ my bad!

Yes I’d like to see more slots for our shadow AI characters. That way I can have all three of my mains shadows.