More rematchs in Ranked Mode and Teredo

Guys, I’ve been playing KI on PC, the game has a problem… Because sometimes the online doesnt work, there is a kind of “teredo” issue in the network.
For example: For me, when the game was release I needed to do it

I think Killer Instinct lost a lot of players by it, because casual players will play online and then it wont work, so they give up to play. I know, this problem doesnt happen with everybody. But the Microsoft need to fix it. I’m thinking about the game on Steam, it need to be release without problems to be a huge sucess.

Another point is… what do you think to put more rematchs in ranked mode?? think it would be great, We fighting games players lose a lot of time only waiting for new matchs, looking for them.

Tekken’ve made more, It put infinites rematchs in the ranked mode. I loved it, maybe infinite it isnt great in KI because the rank can be cheated, but more than 1 like in KI, it would be great for me. It is my opinion, tell me yours?