More lag? Salt

Is KI laggier than before? Or is the netcode allowing people to match when they shouldn’t?

Or maybe it’s me probably having an ISP problem I can’t solve?. My connection is being more unstable these last days with KI (can’t say the same with Gears, which is always a mess but KI is pretty amazing in comparison).
I know myself enough to get totally upset by this, that’s why I’m going back to Gears of Lag instead of KI (because lag is horrible, but in a shooter I find it less sodium inducing compared to a fighter unless is totally unplayable, I know it doesn’t make much sense).

I not only feel horrible while playing but I also feel is a totally bad experience for the other player as well (considering how much players are from the US). No use on playing ranked like this because I’m not getting learning feedback to apply to offline matches (being random doing unreactable online things until I get a hit? boring…)

But the most upsetting moment was playing a yolo guy not far from my citty (who usually has rollback) and getting disconnected because of how bad the connection turned out (oh yes, he sent messages mocking me too, for beating me one round…Gosh).
I understand having lag with people far away, but a guy in my same country? Man, I think I’ll be hitting exhibition or sets to practice. Ranked? naaah


It’s laggy for me as well.


It’s rollback fest since 3.9.


Yeah, the devs aren’t around anymore. New game and all that, so the maintenance around here has certainly taken a hit.

Shame, considering the release of the Steam version.


Yes something is up. Ive made 3 posts about it the last 2 weeks. Im starting to think it has to do with amount of movement on screen. Like Omens Demonic despair and Ultra…both slow down every time it happens. TO me that isnt lag but its something to do with 4K and the engine processing it or what have you.
But Im no developer so I have no clue…just guessing.

Oh, I thought that maybe it was my problem alone. I’m sorry to hear you are also having this issue =(

How are you dealing with this? I can’t practice with players offline and I’ll need some training for January. I know I’ll also experience lag in sets, but I’m guessing it will be better practice than ranked.

Every day this week I have had very long sets and just about all of them end with the opponent disconnecting. It always slows int eh same spots…shadow moves… projectiles and ultras.

Just had another one drop after 9 matches. I really dont think its an ISP issue. Either there are more LAg switchers out there or there is something wrong with the latest patch/server.

I just keep playing… not much you can do about it.But something is definitely different.

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Yeah Rollback has been a huge pain. I’m getting Shadow Countered while IN a combo, getting instant locked out, performing a shadow counter and getting immediately broken…

While this doesn’t happen all the time, it makes playing Ranked a LOT less fun.

I remember these shenanigans happening during a match with @MaruMDQ a few weeks back. It was like Sabrewulf suddenly had armor. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been happening a lot more often for me as well.

Quality of gameplay was at its peak in 3.7 imo. In 3.8 I had a few rollback cases but disregarded it as something on my end or servers acting out. But since 3.9, 80% of matches are full of absurds that make SF5 netplay tolerable. Really an awful note to go off on.

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Yeah I faced Fluffy Gargos the other day and the first match was fine without any lag and I won it. No sooner did I start getting a lead in the second match, we faced a bit a lag and then his Gargos was positive on everything and everything was completely unbreakable. :frowning:

The match thankfully lagged out, but ugh…

I wonder is this will get fixed or looked into, because multiplayer is giving bad experiencies. I tried a lobby yesterday with some other players. Lobbies tend to be a bit unstable but they didn’t use to be slideshows for me before (I mean,seemed like really bad connections for that matter,and I don’t think a that was the case).
I’m checking my connection over and over again and seems fine. Hey, I can even play Gears of Lag without bigger issues! So,I’m sursprised about this happening to one of the best online netcodes out there,which is KI :frowning:

That was from my boyfriend’s house. At that moment the connection was unstable and I was also streaming (low quality though). I think we fought once when I was at my home and we didn’t have that problem (when I used Gargos). It’s weird because I share the same ISP as him, but who knows…
Still , I think the game net is kind of awful right now.

I PLAY EVERYDAY and I have very good ISP and Speed (80-100 mps). i also use Ethernet line (No Wifi). I also make sure no other devices are running or connected to wifi.

With that being said I can tell when some thing is different after playing a game online for 3 years… something is definitely different and I dare say its not me or my connection.

Its either a lot of opponenets connections are terrible or something has changed since the 4K patch.
I think its the 4K patch IMO


I have a friend who is like that. I just can’t…there are different levels of lag I can stand so far. But none of them apply in fighters. The moment I can’t challenge a guy pressing a normal after a -1 move I don’t care either I win or lose too much. Changing my gameplan that much just to beat the lag alone is not what I’m looking for. Because, what’s going to happen when I play offline?

The LAG is out of control. Ive played about 30 matches tonight and they all were randomly laggy. Its not me… no other games online have lag. Ive tested Injustice, Forza 7, MKX, and Star Wars BF2. NONE of them lag and none of them have as good of a Net Code as KI.

Something is wrong!


Yeah, I know the feeling. Like, sometimes I get flawless matches, other times I feel like I’m playing PS2 online. It’s at an age where this shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Online gaming has been around for nearly a decade, with how optimized cell signals are, internet connections shouldn’t be this sloppy. KI had an amazing track record up until 3.8, now it’s borderline unacceptable. more than 3 years of amazing quality now atrocious… I don’t think we are overreacting at this point either, something like this at this part of the games life can kill it off prematurely.