More intro/outro dialogue

What ever happened to Jago’s “Perhaps this was not the path for you.”?

I think he should get that one back.

Also, some characters should probably have more than one intro/outro dialogue. Cinder should have a second outro line where he says “I’m just too hot”.


This is the alpha phaze for xbox 360. They’ve changed Jago’s intro to fit better in the game. Perhaps they would have different quotes and poses for ultimate combo and who knows new stage ultras. For the current stage ultras they would left as it is. Seeing how shago throws a fireball into the screen after KILLING his foe with an ultimate, the ultimate combo win poses should be something new to avoid repetitive stuff.


This can also be found in the xbox one version from back when the game was shown at E3 2013 and EVO 2013.

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The more I listen to it, the more I want have the option to pick the announcer who did the creepy “Ready” at the start of a couple of the matches for that build. At 3:50 in the video, for example.

I reckon it’d be good to see more intros/outros that are along a similar theme (to avoid repetition but to also allow for people to tell characters by their intros as is possible currently). It would be interesting if characters interacted, but I doubt they’d do that due to budget constraints. If only they would start up a funding initiative for this kind of thing instead of tournaments, it could turn KI from a good game for the price/model into an even better one IMHO. That and story mode needs extra narration for accessibility/enjoyment but that’s been said since the mode came out, so I won’t go on about it here.

What are those other menus that are entered in the video? It’s interesting to see so much in the pause menu…

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If all they added was just different voice clips depending on the match, I’d be fine with that. Nothing too fancy for dynamic intros/outros. But from what I heard, reason they didn’t do this was because some of the actors left. Now I don’t know how true that may be, but if that’s the case, why not just get people to do impressions? Filling the gaps you could say, but only for the special fights.

Heck, RKosmik would’ve made a pretty good Jago.


I remember that one.