More Game of Thrones after the show ends

this has been in the works for a while, its smart for the HBO team to reuse all the clothing, props ect… for a spin off. Plus cheaper actors.

Either Dunk 'n Egg story or Robert Rebellion… most likely Dunk and Egg.

Prob is there were no dragons or walkers during those 2 time frames so it may not be as exciting as Song of Ice and Fire.

Or they could go all the way back to the Targaryen take over of the 7 kingdoms…that would be the most interesting IMO



I just hope GRRM finishes the 6th installment before all those feasts catch up to him though…

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Dunk 'n Egg would be cool, but I also really like that idea of going back to the Targaryen take over. I’d also like to Valyria back in its prime before the doom. It might also be cool to see them jump forward in time after the end of the show (after all of these characters are long gone) and see what other stories could be told from a relatively blank canvas.

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