More Fighting Games on Xbox One Petition!

Basically, everything @Dragonps said. I was looking more at the stage backgrounds than my CPU opponent…

Thanks fellas. Certainly that leaves the potential for a good remake. They might just have to design a compelling fighting system.

I would share it myself but the 2014 date would make people hesitant.

Make new petition and make it more about having more fighting games in general and perhaps less about trying to bringing back particular properties they don’t own.

not bashing but I think this should a bit broader.

I would love to see Clay Fighter on the Xbox1 though

this… THIS!!!

Voted! We’re at 43 votes now. I’d also like to see reboots of the following: Power Stone, Soul Calibur, Samurai Showdown, Primal Rage, TMNT: Tournament Fighters, Clay Fighters, Eternal Champions, and Bushido Blade.

The only fighting games I would love to see come back for XBOX One are not just KI, but also…

  • Bloody Roar
  • Primal Rage
  • Eternal Champions
  • Clayfighter

Clay fighter is already getting rebooted.

Really? are you kidding us?..

No it was announced last year its coming to pc.

It’s remaster… not rebooted

Not remaster, but whatever its coming back.

Ok. I guess MKX, Tekken 7 and BlazBlue just don’t count?

I’m afraid that Akuma on Tekken 7 might be a PS4 exclusive.

They haven’t said anything yet, but it seems likely to me. If he’s not, then it means the Sony/Capcom deal is limited to SFV and not all of Capcom’s SF IP so other Capcom properties - including releases of older games and compatible 360 titles could be a possibility.

No he wont. Sony doesnt own sf.

Well, for all intents and purposes it looks to me like they do. There will be no SF V on Xbox and there is no port of USFIV on Xbox One either. Sony’s arrangement with Capcom clearly covers more than just SF V console exclusivity. What that means for Akuma on Tekken 7 remains to be seen.

Harada has said there will be console exclusive content. So, we will see.


Soul Calibur and Skull Girls are on the January Backwards compatibility list !!! Witcher 2 is on there as well.


Soul Calibur!? YEEEESSSSS! But I really want SC2 on backward compatibility!

Tao Feng and Kakuto Chojin would be nice to see on XB1.