More Fighting Games on Xbox One Petition!

Please vote and make MS , bring more fighting games to xbox one.


Done. Thanks, good petition.


Great Idea. I would like more Arena Fighters too.

Done. Excellent idea.


We need new Primal Rage on Xbox one!

I’m always in favor of more games, but the decision comes down to the publisher. I’d suggest directing these demands at the publishers of those games.

I voted in favor of it, but with only 9 votes it’s going to take a while fo it to gain any real traction.

I got 4-5 more alternate accounts:) I can add votes.

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That’s cheating! …but I like it! :smiling_imp:

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Making new accounts on the One isn’t too hard. I use other accounts when some friends want to do some exhibition without fighting killers.

Done, thanks for doing this, hopefully they’ll make changes.

Also if MS buy the rights of Bloody Roar from Konami would be an easy game for IG to do.

We can use twitter and other social networks to spread the word.

I like this idea


PLEASE bring more FGs to Xbox One, MS! Sign an exclusive deal with Namco or Sega, bring back a few classics or some deep cuts, maybe reel in a big fish the way Sony did with SF.

I hate to keep bringing this up, but Phil said he’d make it up to fans when they lost SF to Sony. If really like to see him make good on that promise one day.

The post on there is a bit of a screed, and I’m not sure the exclamation points and claiming disaster help the cause, but I went on and voted yes.

FYI there is an older post “Bring more Japanese fighting games to Xbox One” that has 300+ votes. Might as well go and vote in that one too.

If I was MS, I might target one of the older in decline franchises. I’ve posted a lot about the fact that Primal Rage - if redone with the kind of care and thoughtful attention as KI could be great. Virtua fighter too (although I’m guessing they would be turned off by low sales numbers of past installments). But it seems like they could get stuff like Skullgirlz on X1 relatively easily. Maybe there’s more to it than I realize…

I would love to see more fighters on Xbox one and through backwards compatibility. Persona 4 Arena (and Ultimax), Injustice, ANY street fighter games, MVC, or any anime fighter would be welcome additions. Unfortunately, It doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon. Or, maybe one of these will become a game with gold in the future, who knows…

MS could look at reviving older IP’s that have been left on the shelf, games such as Eternal Champions. Sega owns the rights and all that jazz but that particular fighter stands out from most if I’m honest

Serious question, because I never owned a Genesis. Eternal Champions gets a lot of love but it never really looked that interesting to me. Besides a ton of stage fatalities, what made EC a great game?

I can’t speak for all but you’ll get the brutal honesty from me.

I actually hated the system of the game, how it played how characters moved etc. I did however love the story the setting and the characters. Those were the things that made me keep coming back to it time and time again.

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