Mom Uses Combo Assist

Just recorded a couple of matches with my 73 year old mother.

WARNING: This video is not really useful for discussing combo assist, as she is BEYOND help when it comes to ANY video game, but i thought it may be interesting to a few of you. Who knows?

This is RAW footage, no captions or animations, but it gets the point across.

side note:

She was VERY discouraged that she might be made fun of for sucking at the game, so please show her some love!


Hey @KevBones10, really sorry, but i didnt make captions.

That doesnt actually take anything from the video, (especially since the audio is poop-quality) but just so you know, after the 2nd game is all talking, so no need to stare at the end-game screen :slightly_smiling:

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It’s ok! I have very enjoying watch your mom play KI! : )

Awesome who wants to host a parent and grand parent 8 bit beat down toruny


Nice video dude. Your mum’s pretty good at mashing buttons :stuck_out_tongue:
You should have let her win the first match though, she was actually doing some pretty cool things. It could only be a matter of time before she finds a character she likes and starts enjoying the game more.
Kinda makes me want to try this out against my parents :smiley:

Yeah this is awesome. Gives me some hope for getting non-Fg friends into the mix.

Although, a concern would be: if they can mash and do things that look as cool as not mashing… Won’t they get bored?

That all depends on how far they want to take it.

If they have NO interest in getting better and playing ranked, they still have 3 Seasons of story mode, Shadow mode, and im sure every new fighting game player has spent at least 6 hours grinding Survival just to see how good they can get with their favorite character.

I understand, but I imagine say, one of my friends.

They are into FPS and LoL / WoW type games. Assuming PC release, lets say they got on here to play with me. I feel like, with CAM, theyll mash about a bit, see cool stuff and not be interested in learning further cuz just mashing is enough. Without it, they might randomly get cool moves / beginnings of combos and the motivation to follow through and get a full combo might make them stay. I dunno. I just want my friends to join me… hahahahaaa.

Your mom is a typical button masher. But in the literal sense, mashing ONE button, haha.

It’s cool that she plays, though.

She got pretty good at mixing it up actually! After I broke her first combo, I told her to do something different, and I got locked out 4 times in a row!

My mom is good at games, but the hype music, crazy visuals, and loud announcer stress her out LOL. She’s good at minecraft because it’s peaceful.


Yeah, I saw her mixing it up later, indeed. And shadow moves, wow, haha.

No clue how she managed that, but good for her!

She even Ultra’d me!

But she thought she was the other character :stuck_out_tongue:


Props to your mom, dude - that’s 1 step closer to playing video games than my mother (who, ironically is about the same age as yours), who doesn’t play ANY games at all outisde of Mahjong and Bejeweled on her PC (which she barely knows how to use herself as well).

Yea, mine plays Farmville and Candy Crush. She sat down and watched me play KI for a bit, didn’t say anything about it though.

My mouth was just like :open_mouth: when I saw that Ultra “Whaaa, she did that, how did she know?!?”. Then she says she thought she was Orchid :joy: pretty ■■■■ funny.


Your mom did great. No one should make fun of her.

You on the other hand… Why the hell are you blocking and tripping mom? Popping instinct in the first round and hitting her with fire tiger? WTF dude?! Give mom a break! Lol!

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yeah, that was a mistake! Thats why i only did it once, because i remembered how annoying it is!

Also, i never played orchid, so i forgot what her instinct even did :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hmmm… I think I should let my mom play KI… I will make video xbox dvr for my mom play KI!

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