Modded Tusk Accessory Set

Hey guys so I’ve been waiting for this exact moment to start working on some custom accessory sets for the PC version of KI. And now that it’s out and we have the models to use as base meshes to size everything up I started working on a quick and rough block out for a more authentic viking based accessory set. Gonna take me some time but all the while I plan to post progress shots here in this thread. Hope you all enjoy :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing, looking forward to seeing your progress,

May I suggest a Viking’s Axe for his sword accessory?

So… What’s happening to OP?..

Sorry for the absence but since the posting I’ve moved to San Francisco and been working on other projects. Would love to finish this up at some point but without an easier way to get it game I can’t see myself dedicating too much time other than free time to it (something I don’t have a lot of). :frowning:

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