Mobile problems

I have no idea what I’m typing in the white fields on mobile. It seems to be white text on a white background. Also, the gray against a darker grey is a little too subtle.

Which section of the site are you seeing it?

What OS are you using for mobile?

Could you post a screenshot of it as well?


I’m having problems with most (if not all) Edit Profile text fields. The Enter Topic when creating a new Topic. For example I had to use my phone’s auto word complete to make sure it was spelled correctly. I’ll get a screen shot and post it here soon. At work right now.

I’m using Chrome on Android. Samsung Galaxy S5 if that helps.

I don’t know how to use the new forums yet. That should show me having typed “Test” into the website text field, but instead it’s just a black line (underscore) that shows up to indicate what word is currently being used as the subject of the suggestion bar just above the keyboard interface.

We’re looking at tweaking the themes for the site, especially mobile, as fast as we can! Hang in there and hopefully we’ll have a fix for you and other mobile users in the near future.

Man I didn’t know you could get on here via mobile with ease…if I can get on here mobile I probably will never get off…my wife is gonna be pissed!!!

I’m not sure if this is the result of my mobile device, but after the first time I looked at these forums on my device, the forums have shown up in tiny lettering on my PC. It’s neigh unreadable and I’d love if somebody could figger out what I did to deserve this and how to fix it.

Is the entire interface scaled down? If so, you may have to go to the page and hold ctrl and scroll up on the mouse wheel.

Turns out my little 1 year old son, who loves to mash buttons of any form, was able to reach the keyboard while I was at work and mashed the crap out of the zoom out button on the far left side of the keyboard. Problem solved.

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Yeah I figured something like that may have occurred.

I have problems with the mobile regarding accessing to… well everything XD
When I click in the notifications, sometimes it show them after a while, sometimes it never gets out.
Same in the “Category” button when I try to access to “Unread”, “Last”, etc… It never goes out
I’m using Dolphin browser in android

Maybe it’s your connection or the browser? I’m using chrome and it seems to work ok.