MK X Graphics

Just played this game and then played MK X and wow, the graphics are really better in MK X. However this game is more fun.

i actually have the opposite opinion, i like how killer instinct looks way more but i like MKX as a game more, but then again i have bias since i play MK competitively

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MK traditionally goes out of its way to create “photorealistic” picture. KI, on the other hand, is somewhat stylized, kinda like a cross between SF and MK (but with elaborated colorful effects on top of that).

Then there’s an element of KI’s presentation that isn’t purely aesthetical, but heavily impacts how it’s being percepted: hitstops and screen flashes/freezes everywhere, on everything. MK has them on blocks, but they are way less dramatical.

Finally, MK uses slower moves in general (no 3-4f jabs with basically no recovery) which, coupled with lack of aforementioned KI’s punctuated animations, gives an impression of more realistic, movie-like style.

So, for the most part, it’s a matter of style and taste. Well, I’ll go as far as to say that KI’s textures are a bit lacking in comparison, so is hair drawing, but then again, I guess NRS team had a bit more time to work with such things than DH.

There is another factor that a TON of money is always put into MK games. NRS is also a larger studio, so all in all they are capable of cranking out better looking games, just because of more assets.

I don’t think that their graphics are that far apart, but it does feel as though each game is going for a slightly different style (graphically), even if the aesthetic can be somewhat similar. I also think that there are things that MKX does better visually, and things that KI does better. I prefer KI’s particle effects, but I prefer MKX’s hair (as a small example).

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I think credit is due to KI for having graphical quality that is even comparable to a AAA title like MKX, considering its (aforementioned) available resources.

It’s my opinion that the animations are actually way smoother looking in KI - the MKX characters look a bit to me like hi-res Claymation, sort of stiff and unnatural.

It’s fair to say that there’s some wonky-looking stuff in SFV, MKX and KI - but given the difference in team size, budget and resources, one really has to tip their hat to the KI team.


MKX is super pretty but also had the huge budget to do it.

All I can say to this is- imagine if ORCHID RETRO had TANYA MKX HAIR!!!

(Self-Implodes )

Or default orchid had mileena MKX hair!

Otherwise I love KI stages more

yeah MKX set the curve way ahead of all other fighters, probably ahead of SF5 too. Even on pc if you turn everything down to their lowest settings it still is a bit better than any other fighting game.

But, if you check out the mod thread, it looks like a lot of it has to do with who’s doing the coding/modeling. NRS may be employing people who really know how to make the graphics shine, whereas these other studios need to do some serious homework on the modeling side. All these games are made to run on ps4/x1, so there’s no excuse as why one is putting the others to shame

I do agree that MKX has better graphics but I find KI more appealing to look at because it has more variety in terms of environments where MKX just has dark and gritty environments. It can get boring after awhile.

Well MKX has no female characters. =P

yeah, yeah…

The styles are so different it’s really difficult to compare. MKX looks really good sometimes. Personally I think the character movement and animation still needs some help.

I think KI has better animation and visual effects though.

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Yeah, I really enjoy watching MK characters fighting animations. Just looking at the Triborg trailer makes me giddy when I see how smooth the animations are. The game overall have a high budget and visual identity that makes it appear premium. It shows when you play the game that it isn’t just any old fighting game, it’s De Fighting Game.

A lot of the animations in KI look very jerky to me and it probably has to do with having to cancel moves in order to do combos. Also some linkers don’t really make sense in a fight like Maya’s Cartwheel kicks. Just looks out of place. Not only that but KI has no visual identity and for some reason has like 4 different fonts in use.

Actually it’s no different in MKX. The reason behind that are partiallyundercranked” (as in, not entire move looks sped up) animations themselves and copious amount of hitstops.

The former is self-explanatory, mash crouching jabs and you’ll see that it’s mostly functional animation as opposed to something that was intended to look realistic.

The latter are immediately noticeable in MKX as well when they are present, but they occur mostly on block, which means you get to see movement stopping exactly when you expect attacking character to stop for a moment, so it doesn’t look too weird. When it occurs on hit (see Raiden’s standing overhead b2) you can immediately see that it’s not fluid, that something is wrong.

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When I look at MKX animations I see a lot of janky moves that don’t look like anything anyone would do in a fight. It’s like watching a fight choreography walkthrough for a movie shoot. The “weight” attached to so many moves is disproportionate to what would actually be happening. And a lot of the specials just come across as bizarre. Kitana’s sudden butt first flight through the air comes to mind.

But these things (like so many others) come down to the eye of the beholder.

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That’s the old NRS edgy adolescent vibe shining through.

*shrug * While MKX’s base visual fidelity is very impressive, I think their animation work just looks super awkward a lot of the time. Every time someone does a low kick I cringe a little…it just looks so off.

I was referring to frame fluidity rather than choreography. Realism (for what it’s worth) of the latter generally sucks in FGs, opening viewer to a world of derp, especially every time crouching normals get involved. And crouching low block in general. Like, really. But it’s pretty much genre convention at this point.

Some moves in NRS games are outrageous though. My personal winners are juggling “football kicks” (Kitana, D’Vorah, Killer Frost).