Mistakes Were Made (Edit: The Return)

I Just decided to post a video here that i made. Lol I was testing out something with filters and sad music, and I had this idea. Its very short and highlights my Epic fail. Enjoy!


So close, yet so far too

LOL yeah. I was freaking out, and I accidently hit instinct. Oops. :smile:

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Rip in pepperonis


Well, at least you got to take out your anger and frustration on that wooden pole after that humiliating loss, am I right?

That’s awesome. What’s the music from?

Better the Wooden pole than anything else.

The Music is called So Dramatic by Audionautix.

Hey Guys! I got another one for you. This one was one taken from another video I have. I used it with the music as it fit PERFECTLY, and really gets the point across with the music… Enjoy!

EDIT: The Reason it Jumps from #1 to #3, is because #2 isn’t KI related. :wink:


You’re right - the music does go well with it; I particularly liked the part where he stands over you as the massive bell falls in the background. Still, I can’t believe you lost to Randolph the Rabid Reindeer… :confounded:


Oh. The pain was even worsened, as he sent me a message taunting me and saying, “lol scrub need extra health to beat me and still couldnt do it, accept that you are a scrub lol”. SMH.

Next Time I see him, I’m gonna show him my Aganos. :wink:


Ok Guys! Another one for you! @M00NLightNinja & I were fighting a set with Shago, and well…

Tried out different music this time. I think this music is more fitting for my Epic fails…

It just occurred to me that you’re both ninjas. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A ninja moon challenges the nija ostrich and the bird says “take that” and buries his head deep into the moon-dust. The moon simply laughs and says, “trying to make a crater? That’s all you’ve got!? Ha! Those won’t stop me! They never have!” He then proceeds to bury the bird 6 ft. under, ‘cause, you know, he’s a friggin’ moon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well not really a moon. He’s a ninja in the Moonlight.

So, in other words, he’s a ninja that moonlights. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So a month goes by, and not an upload about Mistakes were made, (Nor any video just about, on my channel.)

Well, wait no further!


New One, Coming at ya!


I can’t like that clip enough! :smiley:

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Haha! It really was a good game! I could tell we were both on edge. It really could have been anybody’s game, had I successfully Shadow Countered. I’m glad you like it! Now it is forever on the internet. LOL