Missing S3 on PC

I bought s3 from my xbox but with my brother’s account. Because of that when I am playing KI on PC the only seasons that are showing are the ones I bought with my account on my xbox which means S1 and S2. And when I am logging in his xbox live account on PC only s3 is available =_=. Is there a way to fix this or am I stuck to play on xbox for ever.

You had to buy Season 3 with you’re account to play it on the PC version, which is why only Season 1 & 2 are showing up for you, and why Season 3 is showing up for his account on PC… The only thing for you to do will be to purchase Season 3 for you’re account, or you can try to call Xbox Support and explain to them you messed up purchasing it on you’re brothers account and see if you can get a refund to purchase it under you’re account, but they may not go for that…

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There’s nothing to be fixed… you should have bought season 3 with your account.


lol, there’s nothing to really figure out, you bought season 3 for your brother, bet he’s a happy guy.

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