Missing guardian guesses

So if you guys had to guess what the missing guardians are what do you think or want to see.
I think it would be cool to see the flying computer from battle toads, a tiger spirit for jago like the real deal, and maybe alien probe from glacius ship?


We need Pimple or Zitz dancing like Rash taunt in a loop while hovering and the buff can be motivation(aka slight speed increase)


Lets see there are four slots left…
A Bull gives defense penetration. Opponent can’t block for 30 seconds.
A cheetah gives extra speed for the duration of the fight.
An Ox gives extra strength. Attacks hurt more.
This would be more of a joke for the last slot. A Raptor gives extra health.
The cheetah and raptor will be like inception when played with orchid and riptor.

Remember that guardians are game changing, no offense but I don’t think a little more speed or defense up or attack up is to game changing

Probably instinct/shadow drain, more health, health regen. Probably buffs gargos gets but in guardian form.

Check the packs in the emporium.

There’s an owl, a wolf skull, a weird torso with horns and what appears to be a beholder from dungeons and dragons.

The skull is the one that has my interest. I wonder if it’s a buff similar to Wulf’s old Instinct: Chip damage, more raw damage, unblockables damage, something along those lines

It’s a shame they won’t be available at launch. I’m really interested in becoming even more OP.


Why aren’t they coming at launch

They’re probably not ready yet.

I would bet they are for multiplayer. Then there would be 4 for single player and 4 for multiplayer. If they are MP only then one would be a health boost, one would be a damage boost. Then possibly a shadow move discount card, and some form of instinct card.

I am a little bit upset!:imp: I just spent over 5,000 KI gold on a pack of guardians and you only get three of them! And i got doubles on them! Jeez that sucks… That is a lot of KI gold down the tube!

Spent ki gold in the beginning when didn’t know astral gems would cover most costs.

It’s ok I don’t thin k we will see anything that needs ki gold without being able to obtaining with astral gems.

Especially no costumes/ accessories etc

I’m pretty sure IG is intending for your 18k ki gold to be spent on the “best deal” guardian pack. Dunno if I’d do it before the new guardians come out though.

A Guardian that does bonus damage for moves with specific limbs, like Cinder’s burnout? Could be a Roasted Chicken. :poultry_leg:

I’m saving my Ki gold for launch. Just incase they have any surprises in store. Then I’ll spend it.

Just looking at the pictures, the 4 remaining guardians are:
-The Skull
-The Beholder
-The Owl

I’m curious to see what utilities each of them have. Will they be focused more on the Multiplayer side? What effects will they have that we’ve yet to see used by either the players or Mimics in game?

Awww I wanted a little firecat or a Dragon guardian