Missing characters from season 1 pack

I started up the game to restart Fallout on my XB1 and decided to play a few matches or a story mode run, and found all the characters i had from my season 1 pack except Jago(who i refuse to play as) were no longer unlocked, i can’t find the DLC to get them back since it isn’t anywhere on the store, please fix this immediately.

Did you go to the ‘manage game’, tab and look for downloads that haven’t been started?

I can’t download it, it says it’s only available as part of a bundle,

Wait are you checking in the store, or the Xbox dashboard? If there’s an issue you can always contact Xbox support as well.

OK i found what you were talking about, it says the DLC is installed, but when i go to play the game it says it’s not and asks me if i want to install it, i say yes and it then takes me to the page and says i already own it then says the same line about it only being available as part of a bundle.