Mira's instant air dash input

Right now, doing Mira’s IAD is very difficult, other games have an up-forward (neutral) forward input shortcut, or a PP shortcut for airdashing, could either one be implemented in KI?


How is it difficult? its no different than Omens? You can do 3p becasue of her Mist teleport. I think you just need to practice it until you have it down. Fight stick or pad?

Never tried Omen actually.

It’s just hard to get the lowest possible height, you have to do up forward forward, which is very weird, any other game with airdashes will give you a shortcut.

Yeah, unfortunately simply doing the animay games input won’t cut it with Mira.

Playing on pad it isn’t much of a deal, because pressing up/forward already has you pressing forward.

But on a stick, which is my case, I had to fight with the inputs for a good 15 minutes checking what I was doing wrong because I couldn’t get it to work at all most of the times. Initially thought it was a height restriction issue.

It’s not. You really need to input up/forward, slide the stick to forward, and then go neutral and forward again. It’s not really that big of a deal, IMO, it’s just something that takes some getting used to, and it would be welcome if up/forward > forward worked.

Yeah, I agree that the game should use the anime shortcut. To get an IAD is only easy for execution monsters, not Mira players. Same for Omen. It’s an unnecessary execution barrier in my opinion.