Mira's accessory sets

She’s got a Jack of Blades costume from Fable and a purple jester set that enough makes her epic.


I am in love with the Jack of Blades accessory set! I LOVED him in Fable!
The third set looks awesome too, though I’m not a fan of the hair. I love red hair, but not the Super-Saiyan look. XD

I was hoping for a Fable guest character, like Jack or Scythe but with Lionhead closing down I guess having an accessory set for Mira is the best we’re going to get. As for her sets, it looks like the punk looking one and the jester are her retro while Jack is one of her default sets.

Oh, wait, you’re right! The corset looks different, I thought it was all the same in all four…

She should of had an Amazonian Accessory set or wait, that may be her Retro/Alt… before she Vamped… I will withold my comment and will stay tuned

She should have these accessories!

  • Vampire Victorian outfit
  • Underworld Selene

Oh just wait… Mira has some amazing outfits.


Wow Mira has some beautifully animated facial expressions.


She’s ALREADY got some amazing outfits. XD

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Exactly this.

I really like her Jack of Blades Fable accessory set, it’s just as cool as her default look if not more.

Not feeling the other two accessory sets shown in the trailer, hopefully the others are more cool than silly :frowning:

I like her Harlequin Jester outfit. That’s a pretty good costume idea…

She looks really good.

Q: What’s her red hair accesory set represent?

Stay tuned…

bloodrayne =D the necklace :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yep, that’s it! I see it now. Thanks!

haha I’m just speculating

It has to be! How many other red-headed female vampires are there?

I have a friend on the official Xbox forums who calls herself Goth Vampirella - if Mira has a Vampirella accessory set, Goth will buy the game in a heartbeat (pun intended).

It’s an homage to classic movie monsters/vampires.

In the eyes maybe… Wouldn’t she also be bald, have beaver teeth, and long claws though?