Mira & Sabrewulf

Ever since season 1 & 2, Sabrewulf hasn’t had any involvement lately.

I just hope that he’ll interact with Mira.

Does anyone wanna feel that “Underworld” vibe in Mira, since she could be like Selene from Underworld?



The mods should just take the threads about these topics and put them here. XD

I’ll repeat myself yet again though… I would rather Mira teams up with Sabrewulf than them fighting eachother. Sabrewulf has been kinda left behind in Season 2, so it would be a way to make him relevant again.

They are two creatures of the night, monsters in their own right, and it is so typical to have vampires and werewolves be enemies. It would be cool to have them be friends instead.


I’ll ship it! :ship:


Yeah I’ve been waiting for this for awhile. :slight_smile: Espicially when we know what the Internet is capable of with its rules.

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I bet it’s already out there. XD

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As long as they don’t fall for each other like in Twilight…

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The vampire and the werewolf don’t end up together in Twilight… Besides, Sabrewulf is a much hotter werewolf than Jacob. And I hope Mira doesn’t sparkle.

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Color 9. :wink: :sparkles:


Hehe, if that was the case, I would never use that colour. XD

Going by the trailer, she’ll use sabre’s stage. Probably the best fit for her. Barring a new stage for her :cry:

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New Character confirmed!

I’m not sorry :laughing:


Make them lovers.