Mira Availability

Is Mira only available today for Supreme and Ultra Edition owners? I bought the Season 3 combo breaker pack and it’s saying that she’ll unlock in 7 days. If so, I wish that the announcement had made that clear, because it’s pretty disappointing to load up the game and not even be able to use her in training mode

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Ultra editions get every character 1 week early.


Yeah I think only Ultra/Supreme owners get her today.

Do we need a thread for every person that didnt buy the Ultra editon? this marks the 3rd thread asking this question.

My apologies, I bought the game on Windows 10 so I had no idea about the availability between editions

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No worries! Mira will be out for Combo Breaker next week, and for individual purchase a week after that!

OK I GOT Supreme eddtion was my mria :[

Idk man, maybe she hasn’t finished downloading yet? Mine hasn’t finished yet. I can see her on char select, but she isn’t done DLing lol

i just got her but i still can’t play onilne :l lol lol gg

It has been this way from the beginning of season 2. It is a perk for those of us who buy the Holyshlt version. Aka the ultra version. We get the characters a week early.

Combo breaker buyer here. No problem with ultra edition copies playing her a week earlier. The language was ambiguous enough, though, that i thought i might have her in April. No hard feelings.

I get it. Sometimes the way that they word things can be confusing. Or that they leave out certain things completely.