Mira after see Sabrewulf Ultimate


I actually like Sabrewulf’s ultimate quite a bit.


Sabre ultimate is wonderfull. Like KI1 no mercy “Claws”

I say, this belongs in the Artwork and videos section.

Mira’s Ultimate did an excellent job of answering the question "how would Mira end her opponent in a style that suits her personality?"
Swipe, reaper, seduce, bite…it fits her just fine.

Sabrewulf’s really isn’t any better, it hits all the same beats, yet somehow his is being put up on a pedestal while hers is being thrown in the mud.
*shrug * I just don’t get it.

…for the record I think they’re both meh.


It’s animated very well.

What? Mira’s Ultimate ending was pure bulls.hit. She should’ve stabbed her opponent in the torso with her blood gauntlets instead of just biting.

Sabrewulf’s Ultimate has better animation and a better ending.


Hey, if you like Sabrewulf’s over Mira’s that’s fine. That’s just how I feel. None of these Ultimates are any kind of a deal-breaker to me if I don’t like them. I still fully intend to keep on playing reguardless.

I mean hell, if anything was going to be a deal-breaker for me it would have been Fulgore’s retro, and It’s been what, about 3&1/2 years since then and I’m still playing.


Wulf’s Ultimate is not a woooow. Just better than the one he had in KI1.


That face is meme-worthy.


Werewolves > Vampires… simple fact.


Yeah, no. I very much prefer vampires over furries.

Vampires are furries

Weres aren’t furries -_-

No they aren’t. A vampire can be a furry, but not all vampires are furries. Just like a human can be a furry, but not all humans are.

Yes they are. Humanoid animals, aka anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics, are what defines furries.

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Wulf’s is OK, but it doesnt blow Miras out the water. Miras is not that bad. Its in the same league as SAdira, TJ, and Riptors. Just average.
Its posts like this that constantly bash The DEV team that really brings a sullen,negative atmosphere to the entire KI community.
Raven, you have nice Photo shop artwork… but you do not work for IG and MS and I know you wish you did, but you do not. So stop bashing their work as if yours is better. Its just photo shop, its not animation, coding, or anything even close.

The Ultimate’s are what they are…and they are free. If they charged 5$ each for them like NRS or SFV would… then Id agree…but they arent.
They more people that bash the DEV team the more likely you wont get these kind of special add ons again.

I wouldn’t say that, but it isn’t fair to project some fandom and it’s “culture” upon something just as an underhanded insult.


Just like not all humans are men, but all men are humans.

I think that’s the joke here, she’s not feeling so great with her ultimate after seeing what Wulf can do.

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