For those who don’t know, for the past month or so I have been undergoing the enlistment process for the Colorado National Guard.

I ended up going to MEPS where I took my ASVAB and qualified for any 25(Tech) job. I was given 25S (Satellite Communication Systems Operator-Maintainer) because of location and availability. It wasn’t what I desired but it was in the same field. However, my biggest gripe was that it was a 42-week training including BCT. That’s about 9 months or so and far longer than I expected. Because of this I had to consider how much it would seperate me from the College lifestyle.

In the end, I decided not to enlist just a week before my Swearing-in Ceremony. Obviously my recruiter was upset, he told me that it’s either, “do it now or never do it”. Perhaps he is right, maybe I won’t go through this process again if I enjoy my career later on.

My point is, after this stressful experience I figured out I was joining for all the wrong reasons, most of which were exploited by my recruiter to push me into signing. I also don’t see it as a waste of time because I found things about myself that I didn’t see. If I decide to join after completing my degree, I know I will do it for the right reasons. For now, I will continue my education.


I actually have an experience JUST LIKE THIS. I’m in the library right now so when I’m not busy I’ll get into more detail.

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OK @oTigerSpirit! Let’s do this. :sunglasses:

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The Military is a very big commitment you have to fulfill. It will take time away from a lot of stuff. Not in a bad way though.

I’ll be honest. He is a recruter. They ALL say that. There is an Age max, yes, but you can always join if you want to. It’s not a “Do it now, or never” thing. My friend of many years just finished his Basic Training in the Air Force, and he is in his Mid-20’s.

Did I ever tell you about my recruter? When I was interested in the Air Force, they recruter I had was cool, but he was saying all sorts of stuff to try and keep me in. Like saying things like, “You don’t have a plan, join the force”, “You won’t do anything in life as cool as the force.” Stuff that made your face like this —> :open_mouth: It’s like he was taunting me. :frowning:

Ultimately, it’s your decision, and there is nothing they can say. Now, he can give you some insight, but do what YOU want to do. Not what the recruter says. Because it’s not him making that decision. It’s you.

It’s his job. But, I’m glad you found out beforehand, that this might not be what you want, instead of jumping in blindly. I almost did that. To escape problems and hardships I was going through. It was ■■■■ near close dude. But, I had realized that this is something I didn’t want to do. I was only using it for a type of escape, a way to run from my problems. So, I didn’t go back. It may not be for me now, but who knows. Maybe I wasn’t ready yet. :slight_smile:

The Journey of Self-discovery is a crazy one, I’ll tell ya.

Do it dude! I’m in the same boat right now. That statement basically is me as well. I’m sure I made the right choice, but a little cautiousness doesn’t hurt.

Stay strong dude! I’ll be here for support! If you need anything, or just to talk, let me know!

– Your Friendly Neighborhood Ostrich


Thanks for the insight buddy, it is much appreciated. I remember you mentioning your experience and I’m glad you found your way. Well in that regard we both found our way, to Jago… Since he is a location (heh).

But yeah, for now graduation with my Associates is my priority with less than a month to go. Then transfer and continue to my Bachelors. After that we will see if it truly is the decision I want to make in my life.

Thanks again, also need to finish our set since last time :slightly_smiling_face:

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I went to MEPS to join the Navy like my father and grandfather before me, but sadly failed the hearing exam and was denied. I distinctly remember the recruiter telling me NOT to take my hearing aids with me, because if they saw them, I would automatically fail. Sadly, I made the mistake of listening to him, because I left them behind. I was miserable, couldn’t hear a lot of what was going on, and felt like a liar throughout the whole thing, which according to the people at MEPS, is a prosecutable offense. While the recruiter might’ve been right, I’ll never truly know now, and if I had ignored what he said, at least I would’ve felt honest about what I was doing.

At least it seems you came to the decision on your own, @oTigerSpirit, and weren’t influenced by some greasy recruiter. I’m proud of you for that. :wink:

Aw, that sucks. My recruiter also told me to “lie” or essentially not be completely forthcoming with my responses. I would’ve gone through the process and likely passed but who knows, they are thorough. I can see how you feel dishonest for listening to the recruiter but on the bright side learned how devoted you are to honesty if you still dwell on it. It’s good on you to see that.

Yeah, I did make the decision for myself and honestly I was baited by the charm and rewards I would reap by joining. Most of which were true of course but still.

Either way, thanks for the kind words GG.

For sure, I’m sure she’ll get the popcorn ready for that lol

Hopefully we can get something going this Friday/weekend.

I’ll tell you what. They are thorough. I had a friend who was really close to going into the NAVY but because of his eczema and lactose intolerance he couldn’t get medically cleared. He was physically fit and had great asvab scores. Sometimes this is for the best. Although this was his dream, his dream was crushed. :frowning2:

Okay so here’s how my story went. I was on the same path as you @oTigerSpirit. I was in my senior year of high school and the marine corp recruiter told me a lot about the service and how it could help you. I was interested because I was a big member of my high school JROTC program and got good grades. The military always seemed like something I could do. Over time as I went through the process I saw that my recruiter was telling me things that made me feel that I could only do it now and it’s the best decision I could make.

I wanted to go to college first and go into a OCS program that’ll make me an officer. I was excited about that thought. My parents initially were upset because they had a negative notion of what the military is (from their life experience).

I took the asvab and got a 75. Not bad. So I could do almost anything I wanted at the time (which was a paralegal position since I wanted to do OCS and become an advocate at the time). I realized I was only thinking and doing this because I let me peers tell me that I should that.

A lot of the philosophy in the military has to do with commitment and in my heart I wasnt ready to commit to that (plus have estranged parents). So I called it off. I am in school now but I am not conpletely against going to the military. Once I’m emancipated from where I live now they’ll have no stake on my life. Am I need to do now is decide if I still want that commitment when the time comes.

I hope I made you feel better about your decision. :slight_smile:

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Yeah man, thanks for your input. It does help to get insight from different people especially when you were as close to joining as I recently was.

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Not exactly the same league as military but I had a similar experience when looking into DeVry University.

I went to their “campus” where the recruiter was there to meet and show me the place. I was curios about the place and honestly was contemplating going there. The campus was hardly anything to behold and to be honest it just looked like a office building. The recruiter himself though was the one who steered me away. He was pretty much guiding me towards a field of interest instead of letting me decide on my own. At the end of the interview I left with a salty after taste.

I just couldn’t see myself doing something I wouldn’t want. Instead I chose to go to a community college and be an undecided student for the first year. It was the better choice and I feel like I am happier with this decision rather than having my fate be handled by a councilor. Not only that but DeVry it seems was mostly in it for the money and were mostly interested in getting paid while in community college I didn’t have to spend a dime and was offered waivers and many other things in order to afford text books.

Overall if I would have done it again and had the choice between devry, university, and community college I’d pick community college. It’s the cheapest option and unlike I thought before entering, it isn’t a dumbed down experience, and their are even some university professors who work in my community college.

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